Quite a Steal: Gorgeous Hair Everyday with TRESemmé

You may have probably noticed that one of Project Runway’s favourite weapon of choice, the TRESemmé hair products are what’s keeping the models hair shiny beautiful are now available in Indonesia. With the TVC keeps running, it’s truly hard to notice. Even my daughter knows how to pronounce ‘TRESemmé’ correctly because of it.

Speaking of TRESemmé, I always associate it with hairstylists. I guess that’s because I always see TRESemmé being used by hair professionals at the backstage of Project Runway. But as it turns out, it’s just like any other products that you can easily purchase from the supermarket without the need to consult a hair professional first. What surprised me the most is how affordable their products really are! Think of a shampoo priced at IDR 30,900 (according to Sukamart’s price) for 450ml. How affordable is that?

Package-wise, it’s just a no frills black or white solid bottle with not much of fancy things. The bottle looks much more sophisticated on TV. Since I have dry, frizzy hair, it’s only natural that I choose the TRESemmé Smooth & Shine line.

What’s inside the shampoo? It’s enriched with Vitamin H, antioxidant and silk protein that are able to nourish every strand of your hair, giving it a silky, smooth result.

My verdict? I’m quite surprised, given their price, TRESemmé is actually delivering its promise. My hair feels bouncy and soft as well as moisturized. I used both the shampoo and conditioner. It makes styling very easy because my hair just goes with whatever way I want it to be. If it comes from an expensive hair care, it wouldn’t surprise me. So truly this is an affordable hair care to help you achieve that salon look at the comfort of your own home. The hardest part of styling your hair is when your hair is in a bad shape, and this hair care truly helps to maintain the wellbeing of your hair.

Just a little bit of background on TRESemmé. TRESemmé was founded by Edna Emme in 1947 in United States where it was first only available at professional salons. But when TRESemmé started to appear in backstage runways, as well as shows such as Australia’s Next Top Model and Project Runway, the interest towards this brand grew larger. It’s also the hairstyling product that is used in Asia’s Next Top Model 2012!

Now what do I expect from this brand in the future? I truly hope that they will bring their hair styling products – other than the mousse and hairspray, the only two products that are available in Indonesia at the moment. That is what they’re famous for so I’ll be expecting them, along with the serum and the whole lot. Bring them all here, please!

By the way, for a complete lineup of TRESemmé products available in Indonesia, you can view it on their website: http://www.tresemme.co.id/.