Holiday Read: Lauren Conrad Style

When I go to the bookstore, my feet always direct me straight to sci-fi, fantasy and young adult section.   I’ve been wanting to buy ‘Lauren Conrad Style’ for a long time, but like I said, I ended up buying other books and forgot this one.  I do have all Lauren Conrad’s novels, but this one always gets left behind.  Last week, when I visited Periplus Kelapa Gading Mall, they were having a year-end sale.  This is a real sale I’m talking about, ladies (and gentlemen). Of course I didn’t want to miss it! I found this hard cover ‘Lauren Conrad Style’ for only IDR 49,000.  WHAT A STEAL.

Lauren Conrad has grown up in the public eye as the star of MTV’s hit series LAGUNA BEACH. Her spin-off show, THE HILLS, was rated as one of the top shows across all of the cable networks.  The Lauren Conrad brand continued to evolve in 2007, after she launched her first clothing line; The Lauren Conrad Collection.  Lauren’s second line debuted shortly thereafter in October 2009 LC Lauren Conrad, sold exclusively at Kohl’s. In 2011 she launched a third line called Paper Crown.

Moreover, she also writes novels and style guide books such as this.  Not to mention, recently she just launched ‘Lauren Conrad Beauty,’ another guide book from her.  She is a star, fashion designer, writer and businesswoman.

‘Lauren Conrad Style’ was published in 2010. This is a style guide book.  You’ll learn how to build your wardrobe, how to pair your jeans with the right top, how to shop, how to master your closet.  She even mentions how to fold, hang, and store pieces so that they last longer!  The book also covers body issues, how to wear color, and how to show off a certain part of your body.

All in one source. Yes, you read it right.  Because other than fashion, she also shares a full chapter on makeup.  She also gives hair advice: how to create that special occasion hair, mastering the perfect waves, and working the perfect hair accessories into your look.  Of course, there are also many other tips in the book.

I haven’t finished reading the book cover to cover, there are still a few pages left unread. But I got to tell you, I love her writing.  *maybe I’m a little biased because I love all of her novels* But seriously, this book is easy to read and understand.  She also put photos to show us various things which is very helpful. ‘Lauren Conrad Style’ literally has LOTS of useful information.  If you’re just starting to learn fashion, makeup and want to know more about lifestyle, go to the bookstore to find this book.  I highly recommend it.

I bought this book at Periplus, I believe you can also find it at Kinokuniya and Aksara. I suggest you go to the nearest Periplus in town, you might get this book at a discounted price too.  I am so excited to finish this book when I have a total downtime. Sipping iced latte and just doing nothing but reading this book sounds perfect!

What’s on your holiday reads list this year, girls?  Any recommendations?