Recent Purchase: VNC Sunglasses

If you’ve read my article about VNC Flagship Store that I wrote last week, you might know that I bought three sunglasses instead of shoes.  This is the problem when you’re over- promising yourself of not buying things, and what I consider things are shoes and clothes.  So, I ended up buying those three VNC sunglasses.  It was so hard to stand still and not buy anything when you come to a store opening.  You know how I feel, right? :D

The sunglasses section instantly caught my eyes.  They have so many sunglasses in different shapes and colours.  I bought two sunglasses with the same design, the only difference is the colour.  One for my mom, and one for me.  We never have these types of sunglasses so I thought these ones are great for a little pre-Christmas-gift for her.   And I was greedy because in my defense, I felt the need to get two pairs of sunglasses for myself; to put a pair in the car, and leave the other pair at my place, just in case. :p


I’ve been wearing them since I bought them and I have zero complaint  this far.  What I love about VNC sunglasses is that they ‘sit’ comfortably on top of my nose.  And they are quite wide which I need.  I have a big head, so I always have a hard time finding sunglasses that can fit nicely.  Seriously, I often feel scared of breaking sunglasses when I try them on.  LOL.  So, if you’re looking for wider sunglasses *don’t worry, these are not too wide or crazy wide* I highly recommend you to check out VNC sunglasses. Not to mention, each of  the sunglasses that I bought retail for only IDR 109,000. :)