Year End Holiday to Singapore?

For a short break, whether it’s a long weekend or a year end holiday, Singapore seems to be a no-brainer choice for us. It’s not far, there are many flights flying in and out of there at relatively affordable prices and there is something for everyone to do there!

For myself, the next time I go to Singapore, I will definitely bring my daughter there as she has never been to the Lion City. But despite the obvious choices such as Singapore Zoo and Universal Studios, what else can I bring her to see? There are so many seasonal attractions, exhibitions and events there, where do I find the most up- to- date information?

The answer is:

This microsite is specially created for Indonesians who want to find out the various experiences they can have while visiting the country. The information is displayed very clearly in colorful boxes that correspond with the type of experience on offer (red for attractions, orange for culture/arts, purple for dining, etc) and when you click the box, you’ll get the description of the program plus a link if you want to purchase a ticket. Very useful!

So for my upcoming trip (even though no dates are confirmed or no tickets have been purchased :D), I would like to bring my daughter to see Imagine Dragons, an exhibition in Singapore Philatelic Museum and Marine Life Park, the world’s largest oceanarium located in Sentosa Resort World. And if mommy can catch Jersey Boys the musical while she’s there, it will be even more awesome!