Friday Fragrance: Make My Wish Come True Anna Sui Fairy!

This time around, my selection for the fragrance actually part and partial affected by the whole incredible presentation during the launch of Anna Sui Fairy Dance Secret Wish. The whole glass house in Taman Menteng was magically transformed into a beautiful garden with fairies dancing happily. The mood was set, and the entire place were all smiling happily and willingly dancing to the move of fairy dance. It was a fun day, amidst the crazy traffic that I faced to get through to the venue and what’s even more beautiful, it was raining that day.

I could immediately feel by the first spray the perfume that it set a positive tone for my whole afternoon. It kind of recharged me in a way. I was already losing my energy from facing a 2.5-hour traffic from Kuningan to Kemang, then followed by Menteng. But my day didn’t stop there. I still needed to go to another party at the Grand Hyatt. I think when a fragrance can successfully set the tone for your mood, change your emotion or even bring you back to a certain moment in your life – then it’s a fragrance that is well worth the money.

Secret Wish is in the line of fruity floral fragrance. The first note wasn’t exactly my cup of tea because it’s so fresh and vibrant with blends of tangerine, mango and pink pepper. It’s actually the first fragrance to use mango as a note. It took a while – around 30 minutes to an hour – for the heart note to start to emerge, blends of fresh rose, peony and bamboo. I think it was the inclusion of bamboo that kind of grab my attention, because it tones down the vibrancy of the fragrance and at the same time instills a bit of bitterness into it. And to top it off, I love how the base is so well rounded by way of blending sandalwood and vetiver.

Rumour has it, if you spray 3 times a day with 3 sprays for each time you use it every single day until the bottle is finished, then your wish will come true. And the bottle is just pretty, with little fairy guarding atop the lid.

Anna Sui Fairy Dance Secret Wish fragrance is available in 30ml, 50ml and 75ml as well as 200ml body lotion.