Which Indonesian Labels have their Own Online Shop?

Indonesian labels nowadays are just as lucrative as the Western high street brand. Not only that we’re supporting the local fashion scene, but the trends that they’re depicting seem to fit the culture of today’s fashion enthusiast in Indonesia. Unfortunately, they’re not as easily found – meaning, that you can’t find them in every mall. You might be able to find label “A” in this mall and label “B” in another mall. It’s such an inconvenience to actually track down your favourite local brands.

Now, the question that’s been asked for far too many times at Fashionese Daily is which local brands that have their own online shop?

This part, we’re going to talk about the young emerging talents, because some of them have their own online shop where you can get their latest collection as soon as they’re released.

1. Cotton Ink – Cottonink-Shop.com

Casual with a twist. With that being said, if you want to find basic stuff with a twist, you have to visit their online store. They offer something with an edge. Their thread is always buzzing with FD-ers who create such a happy commotion for every launch that  Cotton Ink’s holding.  We still love their tubular shawl to bits. :) The site is easy to navigate and they always have such appealing styles on their pictures that make you want to buy everything.

And what we love about them is that their customer service is really good and they’re always available on the Female Daily thread to give updates.

2. Shop At Velvet – Shopatvelvet.com

Mostly dominated by solid hues. This is where you want to go if you want to pull off a sleek look with very minimum budget. With tops mostly at more or less around IDR 150,000 and keeping everything else mostly below IDR 200,000, there’s no surprise that every time they launch a new collection, they’re always sold out in matter of days.

For those of you who are looking for work attire, this is definitely the place to go to. There are a lot of versatile pieces. Though most of their pieces have details, but because they’re in solid colours,  they’re really easy to mix and match.

If you’re an avid shopper at Shop at Velvet, when your accumulated spending has reached IDR 2,500,000, you can apply for their membership and get 10% discount for every purchase from then on.

3. Petite Cupcakes – Petitecupcakes.com

Their recipe for success is their sweet construction of the pieces- very girly and feminine. If that’s your cup of tea, you’ll love their stuff. One of the brands that I immediately fell in love with once I opened their online shop because everything that they have represents their image very well. On top of their amazing collection, their customer service is very cooperative.

Since I can only manage to find Petite Cupcakes at the Goods Dept, I definitely enjoy visiting their online shop to view their complete collection.

4. Milcah – Milcahtowear.com

Since their appearance at the Cleo Fashion Award last year, I’ve been keeping a close eye on them. Though they’re available at Debenhams nowadays, their products available there is only a small part from their whole range. So for me, if in order to see their complete collection, I prefer to visit their site. Expect to see lots of flowy tops, at least for now.

5. Nikicio – Webstore.nikicio.com

One of the first few designers that actually have their own online shop. She creates a collection that is not bound by season. So, you would have something that you can wear in and out of season.

Offline stores usually carry either her Mixte & Femme collection or NN:02. I’d visit her at Brightspot Market to see everything. But you don’t have to wait for that if you actually want to buy something from one of her lines. You just have go visit her website.

It’s currently in construction, but I believe they should be back in business shortly.


And if there’s any sale, you’ll hear it first from her online shop.


That’s the list that we’ve got so far. Please feel free to add more in the comment box.