Fresh New LUSH Angels on Bare Skin Flown in from Singapore!

I regretted my decision for not buying LUSH Angels on Bare Skin when I visited Singapore a couple of months ago. When I purchased my Eau Roma Water at their Wisma Atria counter, the beauty assistant kept praising about it. She said that when her skin suddenly decides to become very sensitive, she can’t use anything but Angels on Bare Skin. Argh! What a big regret!

From what I gather, Angels on Bare Skin, like any other LUSH products are freshly made. I was convinced if I got a fresh batch it would feel different! But that was just me being silly. I was thinking of asking someone who’s going to Singapore to buy it for me. But then as I browsed through the Singapore website, I found out that they actually ship to Indonesia. *big yay!* I know the UK site delivers to Indonesia as well, but having them flown in from Singapore means the goods are shipped much faster and will arrive at my doorstep at a shorter period of time – more or less around 5 days.

Let’s go back to Angels on Bare Skin. It contains kaolin, just like Fresh Farmacy that I love so much. It creates that squeaky clean feeling every time I cleanse my face. It takes off my foundation like wonders though it didn’t work so well for my mascara, so I usually cleanse it with an eye makeup remover first. And it’s true that it’s super soft even when I’m having my PMS acne breakout moment. I much prefer this one than Fresh Farmacy because it makes my dry skin supple afterward.

What I love about it is that it has ground almonds that doesn’t feel harsh at all while the kaolin does the cleansing job and acts as an exfoliant for dead skin. I feel that my skin looks much brighter. And the rose and lavender, since they’re very good for sensitive skin, really help to soothe my skin, and it’s also said to be good for combination skin. According to the LUSH website, if you don’t know which cleanser is suitable for your skin, pick this one. :)

Here’s the tricky part. What is a great way to use it? I took a pinch of it, mix it with a bit of water until it’s a bit runny and massage it all over my face then rinse it well.

I especially love to use this in the morning, since my skin looks ultra supple and brighter afterward because of the exfoliator so when I apply my makeup, it just look really great. My foundation glides on effortlessly.

So have you tried this product? What do you think about LUSH Angels on Bare Skin?