Black Party at Jenahara’s

Black never goes out of style. That’s just as true as all of us who’ll need some black clothing ensemble at a certain point in our lives. But there’s always something distinct, something enigmatic in a woman who dresses fashionably in black. As much we love the recent  fashion trend in colorful tones, black is timeless. That’s why we’re  more likely to spend extra money for quality black clothes because they’re guaranteed to last a long time- no matter what the trend is that year.

Out of her fondness of the color black, Jenahara takes  into account these timeless pieces and reflect this for her style since the beginning. Her very own boutique reveals a wide array of style. At the grand opening and the launch party of her newest collection, flower riot. Jenahara, who is known for her simple cutting, classy, strong semi-androgyny style, infused ‘flower’ touch in her collection. This is something new,  of course, for those of you who expect a typical flowery design.


Under the fierceness of  black tone, she reveals a feminine touch into some black and white flower pattern through the use of monochrome brocade and lace, both in grey and biting red.

In a magical sphere of black, at the event, Jenahara introduced her three brands; Jenahara for casual to semi-formal, considerably mass produced which cater young, active women; Jenahara by Ida Royani, a line designed by her mother Ida Royani, and Jenahara Nasution, a more exclusive and high end collection, created in a limited quantity.

Below are some collections from those three brands, in a fashion show under The Inheritance Mystery of Black.




Jenahara by Ida Royani


Jenahara Nasution

What do you think? Are you also into black?

If you notice the shoes and accessories, they’re also Jenahara custom-made. The soles of the wedges are personalized with  Jenahara’s signature pattern. The feather headband is already trending. They complement the existing accessories range such as necklaces, shawls, brooches and hijab bun.