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We have Inside Her Bag, why not ‘Inside Her Gym Bag’? We love that Fashionese Daily is incorporating healthy lifestyle articles, so we think it is time to get the ball rolling on Inside Her Gym Bag.

I know I am a home exerciser, but it doesn’t mean I don’t come to the war prepared. I always prepare my arsenal beforehand. I have a schedule, but sometimes I like to alternate one type of strength with the other – e.g., if I’m scheduled to do Spartacus routine (yes, inspired by the training done Spartacus movie actors), so I usually just prepare everything in case I change my mind at the last minute.

Kate Spade diaper bag – Roomy without being too big, with very comfortable shoulder strap.

Reebok Real Flex running shoes I love the bouncy feeling of Reebok Real Flex, they work well for high impact cardio. I do wish they would come with better ankle support because of my weak ankle.

Reebok Sports Bra In black, of course. I have other pairs, but I feel less conscious in black. I find one by Reebok gives adequate support for the bust while a bit cheaper than other leading brands’ sports bra. Almost a year in, it mostly still retains its shape and support.

¾-Length legging I like the fabric (very comfortable), and the ¾-length is perfect for me. And, uh, flattering too. At only IDR 55,000 per pair sold at MaxLane (a clothing seller at Facebook), it’s pretty cheap. MaxLane also carries full-length legging.

MNG Tank Top (not shown) To go over the sports bra. I opt for black (again) with loose fit. This works fine for me.

Reebok fuchsia lifting gloves Wearing this while working with non-kettlebel helps to grip the handles more firmly (added safety!). I love the color too!

Adidas Terry-Cloth Wristbands Light bruises are the price of training with kettlebell. I use wristbands to help lessening the bruise (proper form is still required or they won’t help at all – I would still bang the forearm), and, mostly, to protect my skin from the kettlebell surface rubs.

Two kinds of socks One is double-knit (white), the other pair is the regular sport socks (in grey). I use the double knit for high-impact cardio, such as while doing Tabata protocol or martial arts-inspired routines. The thinner, regular ones are for strength training days

Polar FT-7 heart rate monitor I like to monitor my intensity during cardio. It also alerts me when I pass the 90% of maximum heart rate threshold, which I aim for during Tabata. Shown here with its transmitter attached to the chest strap.

iPhone with GymBoss app For Tabata protocol and Spartacus routine. Different generations of Spartacus routines incorporate different timings too. This app is very convenient as I can save different intervals.

Additional tidbits:

  • Johnson & Johnson baby powder – Used during kettlebell training (yes, I LOVE kettlebells). I like to lightly dust baby powder on my hands before I do high reps of kettlebell snatches
  • Nivea Advance Moisture body lotion – I love this rich, yet fast-absorbing body lotion!
  • Towel and Water bottle Need I say more?

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