Join the Festivity of SK-II at Mal Taman Anggrek

Ah, December is associated with festive events. We have Christmas and New Year ‘side by side’, and almost everyone will get a long holiday. Happiness is surrounding December, indeed!  And this year, to add more excitement for this holiday month, SK-II held a big festive event at Atrium, Taman Anggrek Mall until 9 December, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.  “Bring the miracle of festive” they said.

What kind of miracle?  Let’s see…

If you’re interested in beauty or you want to learn more about it, this must catch your interest because SK-II is holding a FREE Beauty Workshop.  You can get a free skin check and in-depth consultation with an SK-II Beauty Consultant. Not only that, you will get a first hand experience of SK-II new products through facial treatment.  Aren’t you curious? Because I am!   I believe this beauty workshop is very useful and will help a lot of women to understand more about their skin, how to treat them right, and also to get some useful tips from the experts. If you’re interested to join this Beauty Workshop, click this link for more information. We have limited slots just for our Female Daily Members. :)

You’ll find 6 booths there, and each of them will have different and interesting activities for all of us.  They have nail art, potpourri making, and mini Christmas tree decoration activity!  And you can expect festive performances at the Atrium, too.  It sounds so festive, don’t you think? Since tomorrow is the weekend, see it for yourself tomorrow at Atrium, Mall Taman Anggrek.  Who’s excited to come?  :D


The limited edition of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence by Rochas that you can also get from Mal Taman Anggrek