The Ultrabook Convertible Lineups. Which One Fits Your Lifestyle?

One of the most exciting things of working for Female Daily Network is that I often get invited by some of the coolest brands in the world, besides the freebies we often get, of course. Recently, I was invited by Intel Indonesia to meet Mr. Bryan Deaner, Intel Corporation Global Manager, and to experience Intel’s newest Ultrabook category, the Ultrabook Convertible. I was very excited to have been given the opportunity to discuss Intel’s newest technology face to face with one of the most important people in technology and to get my hands on these new toys!

I’ve been an Ultrabook owner and user for the last 6 months and so I am eager to find out more about Intel’s newest addition in the Ultrabook category. I remember back then, I dreamt of owning a thin, sleek laptop that has all the performance I wanted, minus the weight. When the first Ultrabook laptop came out, I was thrilled!  I certainly don’t mind having a 2.5 kg laptop but because I am very mobile it can be a bit tiresome. I was in desperate need of a lightweight laptop so I could easily carry it anywhere and I know many of you feel the same way.

Why am I excited with Ultrabook convertible? Because it’s convertible! Most of us carry more than 2 gadgets nowadays, aside from a smartphone, we often carry a laptop and a tablet too. Yes, it’s quite impractical for us, but we have this tendency to use our laptop “just” for work and tablet to share things with our friends while chatting or playing online games. How amazing is it to have a laptop that can convert to a tablet and vice versa? VERY amazing. Intel Ultrabook convertible answers today’s demand of a multi-function, touch-enabled, flexible and performance driven mobile computing devices. A dream come true, I must say.

Now, with over than 12 designs of hybrid Ultrabook in the market that can transform from clamshell to tablet via swivels, flips, slides etc., I am sure you are pretty confused already. Since I had the chance to get my hands on some of the newest Ultrabook convertible available in the market, here are brief descriptions of the products I tested. Hopefully, these descriptions could help you choose one that fits your lifestyle.

  1. If you like the idea of a slide-able gadget, Sony Vaio Duo 11 is the one for you. It has a High Definition LCD screen that can easily slide upward to reveal a full function keyboard with an optical pointer. This “surf slider” sliding mechanism is easy to use and built to last!
  2. This Dell’s innovative flip hinge design allows easy transition from Ultrabook to tablet mode, which reminds me of the previous Dell XPS Duo that was launched back in 2010. The Dell XPS Duo 12 only needs a firm push to spin the screen too.
  3. Lenovo Ideapad Yoga , just like the name, is a very flexible Ultrabook that has four different modes ranging from laptop mode, tablet mode, tent mode and stand mode. The tent mode is absolutely useful if you like to read recipes while cooking :)
  4. Feeling like one screen is not enough? Well, Asus Taichi features two display screens. Yes, you read that right. Two! Both screens can operate independently and can be used simultaneously, so you can do your work on one side while your friend can browse the internet on the other side at the same time!

All these Ultrabooks are powered by 3rd generation Intel Core Processor, ranging from Core I5 to Core I7, plus Intel Rapid Start Technology that can bring your beloved Ultrabook from standby mode to life in less than 7 seconds, so you can resume with whatever it is you’re working on within a blink of an eye! These beauties are also featuring the newest Windows 8 operating system which has a breathtaking natural user interface, dynamic desktop, Charms Bar, live apps,  and so much more.

Talking about Windows 8 just made my heart skipped a beat, by the way.

Mr.Bryan Deaner, Intel Corporation Global Brand Manager

Still confused on which one to get? Here is a little word of wisdom from Mr. Bryan Deaner on how to choose a laptop, “When choosing a device or gadget, first, know your personality and then always think about your lifestyle.” See, it’s not difficult. Now, ladies, you can choose one that fits your lifestyle!