Friday Fragrance: Fresh & Light Issey Miyake Pleats Please

Just like other iconic perfumes from the house of Issey Miyake, this one to exude that fresh and light scent you grew up loving. This perfume doesn’t disappoint. On a slow day like Friday, where all I want is to relax and savour the moment until the weekend comes, all I want is a light fragrance with nothing too heady. And this perfume does just that.

The name comes from the signature fashion collection of pleated materials that moves ever so flexible with your body, and the bottle resembles just that-crooked with an elegant-like movement. The bottle is hip and a feast to the eyes :)

The scent? Flowery, fruity and woody all at once. But like I said, nothing too heady nor intense. The first whiff of scent that reminds you of a fruit basket; a combination of apples and nashi pears, though the green and sweet scent of the latter dominates the rest, followed by a softer feminine scent of peony and sweet pea wraps up with patchouli, cedar, and my favourite creamy vanilla and a wee bit of musk to warm it up and bind it together.

You know what I wish I was doing instead as I sniff my wrist from the remnants of this fragrance that I sprayed this morning? I was wishing I was somewhere outside instead, with my sunglasses on as the sun shines through my hair, sipping a cup of iced latte. Ah, what a scent to tickle your imagination!

Enjoy your Friday everyone. What fragrance are you wearing today by the way?