Banish Acne With Nexcare Skin Care Acne Cover

Acne? What Acne?

That’s exactly my thought after I have found out about Nexcare™ Acne Cover . It’s a ‘magic’ that will help you get rid of the irritating acne that tend to pop out on your face.  The ‘magic’ comes in a form of transparent cover with non-chemical  hydrocolloid dressing technology.

All you need to do is just stick it on your acne, have your beauty sleep and voila, when you wake up in the morning you will find all the puss/oil secretion have been absorbed. Proven by the white spot you will see on the Nexcare™ Acne Cover .

Within that eight hours of sleep, not only  Nexcare™ Acne Cover makes your acne disappear, it also keeps the surface sterile by reducing the risk of infection from outside, such as dust or hand contact that will cause scars, black spot and blemishes. The product is water-based with zero chemical ingredients and even though it’s waterproof, it is still able to maintain air circulation to speed up the healing process.

I have tried the ladies pack which is the Yellow Pack for my first attempt and after  finishing all of them, I love the result. I also recently just purchased the Pink Pack which is called the ‘Fun-Pack’. At first I wondered why it’s called Fun Pack’ but then I understood when I opened  the box.  You will know the reason too when you see the assorted shapes of the transparent cover.

There are four types available; Ladies, Fun Pack, Combination & Big Dots. Each pack retails for IDR 30,000/ pack. You can get Nexcare™ Acne Cover at the nearest stores such as Hypermart, Lotte-Mart and Grand Lucky.

So, are you tempted to try Nexcare™ Acne Cover ? Make sure you have your face cleaned first before using the Nexcare™ Acne Cover. I hope Nexcare™ Acne Cover does wonder to your face just like it does to my face

Now, repeat after me… Bye bye Acne!

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