Tech Chic; Jovy Gill on Mastering the Art of Working Remotely

Last weekend, I was invited to be a panelist discussion for Temu Bisnis Digital during Pekan Produk Kreatif Indonesia in Epicentrum Walk. Out of the 8 panelists, I was the only female. And that has happened many other times. The truth is, we  don’t have that many female in the IT or digital industry. So in an attempt to bring more attention to the women who have taken the unusual path and to lure more women in to join the industry, we’re going to feature the amazing women behind the IT industry.

Now, allow me to introduce you to Jovy Gill, Head of Marketing Intel Corporation Indonesia. She has just recently moved to Indonesia all the way from Santa Clara. She joined Intel in 2003, left after four years and came back again in 2011. I guess that’s what happens with a great company, its alumni will always be interested to hear future openings. In her job, Jovy travels…a lot!. She travels short and long distance at least every 2-4 weeks. Especially now that her family still resides in San Francisco and the fact that she has to visit Intel Headquarter,  she has to make regular trips back home every now and then. One of the things that I admire about Intel Corporation is that they are very flexible when it comes to working from home, as long as they finish the task within the deadline. A company like this is the one that will open opportunity for women to shine both at work and their personal level.

Even though Jovy travels a lot, that doesn’t mean she is less effective in the work department or doesn’t care about personal appearance. In fact, she has managed to come on top on both areas. Myself, personally, is always on the quest to be more effective and efficient when it comes to working remotely. And since I’m also an Ultrabook user, I’m glad I got a chance to talk to Jovy so I can steal some of her tips.

Hi Jovy, can you describe what your normal day is like?

It’s a tricky question. I don’t actually have a typical day as it all depends on what I need to accomplish, who I need to meet with and where I am working from. Here in Jakarta, most days are in the office and/or visiting customers and meeting with agencies. I spend a lot of time in cabs to and from my destinations. When in San Francisco, most days are spent in our beautiful office in the Presidio. I also commute by train a few days a week to our headquarters in Santa Clara.

What’s your favorite thing about traveling?

Whether it’s for a short or long haul, I’m guaranteed some alone time. I also love the fact that I know I will experience and learn something new in my destination city/country.

What are the biggest travel discomforts you’ve had when traveling for business?

  • Running out of battery on my laptop or mobile phone
  • Airports that don’t give access to power outlets
  • Airports with no free WIFI
  • All airports have different standards and requirements through security check points (to be efficient, you have to take note and remember for your next visit)
    • OK or not OK to bring in water
    • Have to or need to take off shoes
    • OK or not to keep iPads in carry on

Any jet setter’s tips to traveling light?

EVERYTHING has to be light, including your luggage. If you pack light but if your carry-on bag alone weighs a ton, then there’s no point. I travel with my Rimowa carry-on, weights nothing but it’s very durable. It gets abused to say the least. What to pack is also important. I choose clothes that effortlessly transition from day to night and ones that look great when I unpack them as before they were packed in my luggage.

What are your tips for working on the go?

  • Ultrabook with Core® I7 because you don’t need anything else
  • Smart phone
  • Battery extender for the phone
  • Universal converter to cover every continent or country
  • Hipstamatic app- makes all my photos look really cool for Facebook
  • Four Square app- so my family can track my whereabouts- it’s great to know which friends are around the area

How dependent are you with your Ultrabook?

I will be ultra unproductive without it. Needless to say, I really appreciate the fact that it’s light and thin. Taking laptops in and out of my carry on for security checkpoints and the plane takes too much effort. That saves me a lot of time when traveling. I don’t like being the person that holds up the security line. I’m actually very proud how fast I go in and out of that queue. And I love how people stare at my Ultrabook in awe when I take it out of my purse. It’s hard not to notice such a beautiful piece. And it came out of a purse! Last but not least, I’m pretty spoiled with how long I get to use it on the plane. The battery life is amazing and with many planes still not offering power outlets in economy seating, I’m productive as long as I need to when I’m traveling.

Now let’s talk about style. Does your style remain the same since you’ve moved to Indonesia? How different is your daily style vs. your traveling style?

I love fashion! My style remains intact even while I’m here in Jakarta. My work clothes transforms effortlessly from day to night, although I do appreciate not having to wear warm clothes anymore. I love layers, and I can still wear and wrap in my pashminas in Jakarta with the air-conditioned office buildings and malls. My weekend clothes in Jakarta are much different- I get to wear sun dresses all the time! I prefer to dress in California style surfer clothes in the weekends.

Any exciting thing in the near future for us from Intel and Ultrabook?

Wow, there’s a lot to look forward to from Intel with Ultrabooks! We’re now introducing the new phase of Ultrabook which is Ultrabook convertibles that offer a no-compromise solution for the pickiest digital appetite: dual screen, folding, swivel, detachable, multi-touch or even stylus-enabled, depending on the system.


I can totally imagine her answering this interview questions on her flight to the States with her stylish Ultrabook :). Thank you for sharing your tips, Jovy.