Kristen Stewart Shows Us Why We Need to Choose Either Lips or Eyes!

When it comes to makeup, I like to stick with the cardinal rule of choosing either the lips or eyes. God forbid that I forgot this and go all out on both fiery eye makeup and bold lips. Though sometimes, that classic grey/black smokey eyes look could actually go well with red lips to achieve the maximum femme fatale effect.

And Kristen dear, you’ve shown me that I better hold on to this cardinal rule religiously when it comes to makeup. Though Kristen has been known for her bold choice of makeup, I had never seen her wearing something so bold on both eyes and lips such as this. If only she toned down the lipstick, I would have forgiven this look. Wearing lipstick of two shades lighter would make all the difference.

Especially when she opens her eyes wide, you can see how striking her eye makeup is. That goes without saying, that staying with nude lips would be a wiser choice.

I admit, when I saw her smiling so innocently like in the picture below, it wasn’t as scary. But what are the odds that you keep that sweet innocent smile all throughout the day?

So, ladies, what do you think? Is this look a hit or miss? Do you agree that when it comes to makeup, you should only choose one; the eyes or the lips?

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  • alphabetababy

    tampak lebih menyeramkan, lebih tua, dan seakan kurang tidur terutama di foto kedua

  • pixy

    wkwkwk.. vampy look perhaps..