TV Series Character in Spotlight: Emily Thorne

Have you seen ‘Revenge’? In FDHQ, I think only me, Deszell and Sanetya who watch the show regularly. Basically, the story lives up to the title. It revolves around a young woman who wants to get a revenge on her father’s death. She shows up to her old elite community after so many years with a new identity (new name and new background)  to take down the people who’ve made her father a scapegoat of a terrorist attack.

I love the story, and I feel that all of the characters are very engaging. I think this is the first time I can’t decide whether a character is a protagonist or an antagonist. This show has many characters in the”gray” area which is its best trait, as well as its cliff-hanger that keeps you wanting more.  Okay, enough talking about the show, you can watch it if you’d like. But for now, I’d like to highlight the main character of this TV series, Emily Thorne, and discuss about her amazing style.

As you can see from the pictures below, Emily Thorne has class when it comes to her outfits. Do I need to say more? Isn’t it obvious? I LOOOOVE her outfits. Every single one of them! I think I would describe her style as elegantly sexy in a modest kind of way. I find that she rarely shows too much skin and yet still looks FAB. You can look gorgeous without being too revealing. I like that. These first two dresses are my absolute favorite! I am literally drooling over them. They show her silhouette perfectly. Dare I say, these are the fabulous curve-enhancing dresses!

This red dress is requested by Deszell. :) She loves the dress so much. Very elegant, showing enough skin of her back without looking too vulgar. If you look at the picture closely, can you spot the mini peplum?

Is it just me or this dress reminded of a dress made of wires? Anyway, I love how unique this dress is. It looks kind of weird, but I think she pulled it off nicely.

To be honest, in real life, her casual style is my favorite because I love it more than the semi-formal-cocktail-party style, maybe because of my age so I tend to go with casual outfits. Any of these are very suitable for a night out with girlfriends, hanging out at a cafe or even going to the mall. All of them look very comfy and when it comes to comfort, I’m all for it . :)

I think this look has made me changed my mind. THREE neutral colors (top, bottom, and bag) obviously can look great together.

Actually, in this particular photo below, Emily wore a pair of dark jeans. Black and blue always complement each other, and the necklace really helps to make the look more alive. When you wear plain top and pants, you can get away with a statement accessory. Do I need to buy more necklace and plain top?

I don’t like a very cute dress, but this one is an exception. The lace makes her look more girly and young, and since her character is often on the serious side, this look is easy on the eyes. With these colors-white lace, yellow and a little ribbon, she looks different than the usual. Cute and I like it!


So, what do you think? Do you love her style like I do?


Source: Image from : here

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  • pixy

    i loovveeeee this show! si emily thorne keren2 bangetbajunya. always look elegant n classy mau pake baju apapun juga. idem sama deszell, gw juga suka bgt dress merah itu, jd terinspirasi bikin model begitu :p

  • alphabetababy

    ngiler abiiisss sama baju-bajunya Emily. di serial ini menurut gw outfitnya dia yang paling keren :D

    • grisselda

      iya, juara satu emang Emily ini. Tapi Victoria dress-nya kece juga sih untuk ibu-ibu. :)

  • Ini_dhita

    i love the gold dress (no.2)
    aduhh mana badannya keren pula ya..cakep benerr

    • grisselda

      I know right!! :D
      body kaya gitu dipakein apa aja keliatan oke ya…

    • applecart

      Ada pepatah.. Bagus engganya baju emang tergantung kapstok-nya.. LOL.

      Btw, aku juga suka Emily pas pake baju casual. She looks so pretty without even trying.

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  • dryxanne

    sama…i love gold dress no.2 juga! so classy…cocok bgt buat party, simple elegant yet still classy…suka juga yg casual cardigan hitam itu… and i LOVE the bag! ada info ga itu tas merk apa ya?

  • staragilite

    Banget!! Gue suka emily dari mulai dia di everwood, tambah suka pas di brothers and sisters, dan gue nonton revenge juga karena ada dia. Gue suka banget yang lo bilang wire dress itu. Sooooo elegant. Yang mini peplumnya lucu banget, I never noticed that. In real life kalo di awards2 gitu Emily juga jarang shows too much skin. She’s my girl crush. Everything looks good on her.

  • staragilite

    Btw on the first picture she kinda looks like Kate Middleton

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  • cimel

    ahhh, I looovvee this series (denger2 sih mau ada season 2 nya) too. Beneran, baju2 nya si Emily ini emg keren2 dan slalu pass gitu kalo dia pake. Si Victoria juga keren2 lhooo bajunya. Next bahas Victorianya dooong :), Denger2 juga baju2nya itu karya designer semua cmiiw.

    • grisselda

      Udah ada season 2-nya… Cuma memang buat yang males download atau nyari DVD dan maunya nunggu ada di TV *nunjuk diri sendiri* harus sabar sampe tahun depan sepertinya :)
      iyaaa, Victoria emang nggak kalah keren, dia antagonis tapi aku suka, lol. tapi gantian dulu sama yang lain yaaa :)

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