JFW 2013; May & June by Barli Asmara Revealed a New Side of Aristocracy

With May & June, Barli Asmara chose the theme “Aristocracy” . Divided into 4 sequences, Barli organized everything very well, from the easy-to-wear looks to strong-feminine looks.  The collection is very feminine and elegant. And the great thing is, the price range for this collection is IDR 500,000 – IDR 1,500,000. I guess this is the most affordable collection that I can find, so far! Barli also invited his celebrity friends to walk the runway, showing different types of body image, not just the tall and slender. Such a nice thing to see, as many people consider that celebrities aren’t exactly normal people like us.

In the first sequence, “Orchid”, you can see silk-satin and silk habutai basic white color dominated the whole looks. Mixing the white with yellow and blue was a great choice! They looked simple, and I can imagine how comfortable and easy-to-wear they would be. An effortless chic style!


“Oriental Bloom” is indeed the perfect name for this sequence because this one used lots of satin and silk with peplum cut design. I think we can pull off this sequence as office wear. This particular design is modest and professional for career ladies out there.


Soft-pastel colors are often symbolizing femininity. Yes, “The Peony Feathers” is definitely leaning towards the “feminine zone”, and it also showcased woman’s femininity into the third sequence. I personally really love the print; it brought a smile on my face when I saw it. What a bunch of eye candies.


“The Black Peony” for the fourth sequence brought a bolder sense, still with a feminine touch. Nowadays, lots of women choose to look masculine and elegant at the same time. Black and white dominated this sequence. Very bold and classy!


Which sequence in this collection is your favorite? I’ll go with the first one. :)