Yay or Nay: Anna Sui’s Interpretation of Coach’s Iconic Duffle Bag

Are you familiar with this bag?

Oh, I’m pretty sure you all are familiar with the ‘it bag’ of this season. It’s none other than the iconic Coach iconic duffle bag that we never seize to praise ever since Leija wrote about it here. It fits every criteria that an it bag possesses; a signature look that’s easily recognisable without being too obvious, its classic shape and a roomy, everyday bag.

Although we’ve all fell in love with the classic take on Coach duffle bag, they’ve re-invented it with splashing bright colours.

And that’s not all.

Apparently, Coach is collaborating with Anna Sui and she chooses to give her own interpretation to the duffle bag and instils some dose of the quirkiness she’s very well known for. It was debuted during her fashion show on 15 February, 2012 and it’s available at Coach store worldwide from November 2012.

Anna Sui adds a touch of Boho with whip-stitching technique and large fringe as well as applying the nouveau art dragonfly to make this duffle bag her own. The two limited edition bags are named Fleur-de-Lis duffle and Dragonfly duffle. It shows Anna Sui’s signature style vividly in combination with the classic design duffle. If you’re looking for a fun bag, well you’ve got one from this bag.

But I’m not too sure about these two bags. Sure, they’re different from any other duffle bags in store, but the charm of the duffle bag from Coach actually lies in its timeless look. And I’m so sure I’d call these two timeless, unless this sort of look is for you.

What do you think, girls? Yay or nay? Do you think we better stick with the classic take on Coach duffle bag?

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  • http://femaledaily.com/member.php?username=disti disti

    Nayy.. i muuuchh prefer the classic version. looks too ethnic for my tastes. kayak tas Jogja (not that these are bad perse, simply not my taste aja).

  • http://femaledaily.com/member.php?username=Mrs.Adi Mrs. Adi

    nay for me, tasnya mengingatkan aku sama coboy.. lebih suka yang classic, polos dan colourfull!! :D

  • http://femaledaily.com/member.php?username=justnee just nee

    definitely yay! :D

  • http://femaledaily.com/member.php?username=Philososri Philososri

    nay, i’ve seen the bags in real. like the original one better ^_^