Recent Love: Maybelline Sunbaked Neutrals

It makes me happy whenever I could bring with me something handy  but tiny in size.  Especially that I usually spend half of my day outside home.  And for me, makeup pouch is very essential to bring along.  Not to mention I don’t have much time in the morning to do my full makeup, it’s always like “HURRRRRYYYY!” :D That being said, at least I must have my eyeshadows and eyeliner with me.

Talking about eyeshadows, I realize I need a palette that contains more than 4 colors.  Just in case I have to do something different than my usual brown eyeshadow, or if I have to go to an event at night after office hour, because personally if I have the time, I love to vary my eyeshadow colors –  neutral browns for day, and then try different colors at night.  The thing is, it’s quite hard to find a palette that has colors that I want to.  I love my Urban Decan Naked Palette, but it’s too big to carry around.  I need smaller palette, but most of them are either all neutrals or all “colors”. I want a multitasker palette if that make sense :)

Maybelline Expertwear Eyeshadow in Sunbaked Neutrals is my answer!  The size of this palette is very, very small!  Perfect size if you find your typical-day story is similar to mine. And this is also great if you like to travel or going on short vacations, and want to save space for other items.

As you can see, the palette contains EIGHT different colors.  From neutral browns, metallic bronze, highlight color, shimmery orange and greens.  I couldn’t ask for more. I can make lots of eyelook with this palette – day, night, smokey, bright, you name it.  I have used this palette on two of my friends who have darker skin tone than me, and the colors look great on them.  This is definitely suitable for all skin tones :)

By the way, I only paid US$7  for 8 colors in this tiny palette!  That was a great deal , I think. Of course with that price I don’t expect super high quality eyeshadows, one or two looks a little bit chalky, and you have to be ready for the minimal fallout (yup, you read it right, minimal), tap your brush first before applying the color(s) on your eyelids and you’ll be fine.  However, if you love matte eyeshadows, I wouldn’t recommend this for you.  It only has one matte color, the medium brown one.  I absolutely don’t mind, but again, if you hate shimmer, don’t waste your money buying product that you won’t like.

Overall, I’m happy with it. The color range are puuurfect for my taste, I don’t have any big issues with the color payoff and this is very handy to bring with everywhere!

Comparing the size with my blackberry, see how tiny it is? :D

Too bad, here in Indonesia, Maybelline hasn’t launched this palette, yet.  But sure you can find and join PO in Marketplaza’s Beauty Warehouse if you’re interested to buy one. :)