JFW 2013; Travel Back in Time with Obin

In Female Daily HQ, I’ve always been the go-to-girl on the subject of Indonesian heritage and culture. On our weekly sharing sessions, I have presented several topics related to it, such as batik, handwoven textiles, and other traditional cloths. In every presentation, there was one name that always being talked-about: Obin.

Along with Iwan Tirta and Baron Manansang, Obin or Josephine Komara, with her BINhouse is a maestro. She has been designing fine Indonesian fabrics for decades. Last week, Obin celebrated her 40 years of hard work in a top-notch show “Time Traveler” on the 6th day of Jakarta Fashion Week 2013.


Obin and BINhouse design team translates the “Time Traveler” theme just like the cycle of life, where fashion trends are always rotating and repetitive.  The collections were divided into 4 sequences that showed 48 wearable designs: Celebration Red, Day to Day, Indochine, and White.


Suddenly, a meaningful memory flashed through my mind. A few years ago, Obin herself was invited as a guest lecture at Prasetiya Mulya Business School, where I had an opportunity to meet Obin in person and told her how I adore her designs and personal style – traditional cloth blouse, wrap skirt, and her hair pulled back in a bun. She told me that the only reason why she dresses like that is because she doesn’t have any modern attire, not even a pair of jeans. Quoted from the maestro herself, “I think all Indonesian women should wear traditional fabrics more often. Most of them just think that it’s inconvenient and  is not as attractive as the modern style, but that’s not true. It’s not the way you dress, but what is in your mind“. I believe this is the message that she wanted to sent to Indonesian women through the second sequence, “Day to Day“. She proved that traditional designs can be fresh, attractive, and casual.




The last sequence was a big surprise for the audience, as this was Obin’s first time exhibited her wedding attire designs. A wedding attire made from hand painting batik print on a handwoven fabric by the finest Indonesian artist? That sounds like a dream. Who doesn’t want to walk down the aisle with this masterpiece? Because I do!



In the end of the show, Rod Stewart’s song, “Shotgun Wedding” filled the air as the models in wedding dresses carried toy guns :D The audience broke into rapturous applause.


Kudos for Obin!