JFW 2013; Bright FUN Colors in Lenny Agustin’s Paper Garden

My curiosity of Lenny Agustin’s collection began to grow ever since I attended her press conference. The show was a collaboration between Lenny Agustin and The Body Shop. I was even more curious especially when I heard that the theme for her collection was “Paper Garden” which was meant to bring a playful image with colorful traditional fabrics, and The Body Shop delivered “Bold Looks” for models’ makeup. It felt like I was seeing a fun fashion and makeup show at the same time.

Why it was fun? Because after watching the show, the word that came to mind was indeed FUN! Lenny Agustin created origami looks and used LOTS of combinations of bright colors. The outfits – dresses, bottom pieces, top pieces, and the SHOES screamed colors. If you read my live tweets from the show days ago, then you know how in love I was with those gorgeous shoes. *drool* The makeup from The Body Shop added the excitement for the rest of the show. If you look closely at the models’ eyes, you’ll find bright colors on their eyelids. Should we start to use bright colors at least once a week? Sounds fun, right? :D And the hair was very colorful too! The hair was done by the L’Oreal Professionnel team.

Now, on to the collection, I noticed most of the bottom pieces were high- waisted and the top pieces were mostly short length (cropped) i.e. the top shows your midriff section. I also know I can’t pull off every single look even if I wanted to. Although the origami shape was very unique and interesting to see, if I wanted to wear Lenny’s collection, I’d want to wear something wearable for work, going to the mall or cafe.

And to make this article easy to read, I’ve divided the pictures into 4 sequences (using the word “sequence” just made me sounds like a fashion designer, right? just kidding). Make sure to take a closer look of the details, because Lenny Agustin did a really good job on making her collection very origami-like. I also loved how the models posed like a doll.  Lastly, please pay attention to the shoes and makeup. You’ll love them! :)

Favorite bottom pieces – Even though I don’t have the bravery to wear a cropped top, as it’s not suitable for my body type, I can still see myself pairing one of these colorful traditional fabric bottom pieces with a simple plain shirt, a necklace, bangles, and I’m ready to go and walk with confidence.

Favorit Top Pieces – If you have a flat tummy, I think these top pieces would look great on you. You could pair them with a pair of high-waisted pants or skirt, or even a pair of shorts. For the second picture, you could maybe add a blazer, cardigan or jacket for a bit of coverage.

Favorite From Head To Toe Pieces – Okay, maybe not the headpieces. Just from top piece to toe. :)

Favorite “ORIGAMI” – These looks deserved their own spot. Lenny Agustin really nailed the origami concept and these looks brought such happiness because of the fun colors and shapes.

All of the sudden I feel like grabbing some papers and start folding! :D