JFW 2013; Luxurious Modesty, the High-End Muslim Gown

No doubt that Muslim fashion is currently on the rise at the moment. From the ready to wear, the affordable one to the luxury, they’re all on the spotlight.

These four, experienced designers are chosen to represent luxury in Muslim fashion, and also to take lead in what will be trending for incoming year. Some managed to bring the easiness and light ensemble in the collection, while others took the rather predominant terms for luxury; busy and extravagant.

Notes were taken as so many elements of surprise were presented, along with the excitement and confidence in taking Indonesian Muslim fashion to the higher level and become the center stage in the world of fashion.


Irna Mutiara

It is most agreeably, these color palettes were not something we’d anticipate from Irna Mutiara. Yellow and black, are out of her comfort zone which is a nice surprise in this collection. So light and feathery. Irna delightfully inspired by the beauty of Canary. Yellow and black were blending harmoniously in grey and broken white, creating a softer combination.  Feather accessories were thrown into the mix, as headscarf accentuation. Yes please, we’ll definitely put that in what’s-hot-in-2013 list.




Monika Jufry

A dynamic, cool, and easy-going muslimah, that’s what I always draw from Monica Jufry’s designs. ‘Busy Pretty’ described a young, active and energetic muslimah with a busy schedule in this hectic city. Cool at work and play, glamorous and confident at a party, she picked oceanic blue, tosca, grey and midnight blue as the color palette. And those circle necklaces were a showstopper!




Itang Yunasz & Ronald V. Gaghana

Kamilaa is Itang’s newest label, to cater the need for modest clothing for women at most ages. In this collection, he’s applying an extensive floral print to define feminine side of a woman and took black as the humble element. A confirmation for what will be trending next: print and more print.

In quite similar style, Ronald with his Muslim fashion label, -ELEMENTS- elaborated an advanced embroidery technique in his collection. Inspired by Moroccan style, beautifully mixed with Art Nouveau floral resulting in such decorative looks. For those with petite figure, you might want to customize a bit more, since these kind of ‘heavy’ sets won’t be an advantage for your total look.


Itang Yunasz


Ronald V. Gaghana



Are there any other luxury Muslim designers that should be under our radar?