JFW 2013: KLE Found Inspiration in Nature

Imagine a secluded place, hidden in the middle of lush and green surrounding. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and the maddening crowd. With the forest line and the friendly sunlight pouring lightly wherever you are. The ‘village’ that was created by Kleting‘s imagination, where children play freely, exploring their surroundings and blend into nature.

Deeply inspired by nature, Kleting with her label KLE, charmingly presented her ready to wear Spring/Summer 2013 collection during Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 day 2, Sunday November 4th 2012. The images of playful girls are delightfully translated into models’ loose braided hair, colorful ribbon attached casually as accessories, and some ‘happy’ face painting. “If this reminds you of war paint wear by native American or Pocahontas look, then in my show, they’re called ‘happy face painting’, to symbolize their fun, explorative and peaceful mind. They like to have fun with colors, they embrace Mother Earth colors,” explained Kleting.

The collection is highlighted by loose cutting, drapery, high waist pants and full skirts. The loose fitting is also KLE’s distinguished signature. To emphasize the native touch, she uses Ikat-printed fabric, and putting them as some heavy lining, tops, obi belt, collar, and other touch to accentuate her inspiration.

So casual and peaceful, this collection inspires us to get closer to the nature. To be more laid back, to keep thinking positively in life, and respect nature. Do you think Kleting brings this idea successfully? Yes, we think she does! Upon seeing through the whole collection, it is stuck in my mind with her ideas of embracing nature.