JFW 2013: Top 10 Favourite Looks From Grazia Glitz & Glam

This is the third year for Grazia Glitz & Glam (3G) at the Jakarta Fashion Week. This year, Grazia features five celebrity-designers with the latest collections from their lines. With the theme of “Neo Classic”, each designer shows their own character on the designs. Not only that, 3G is also attended by celebrities who walk the catwalk, and of course, celebrities invites other celebrity friends, so there are many of them at the fashion show. :)

Before I begin sharing with you all the photos, I want to applaud teams involved in making this show happened. It was a little bit chaotic that day, as an unforeseen circumstances push the show to move out of the Fashion Tent to the Atrium. It was a different setting and a different layout. But they still managed to pull off the show with very little glitch.

Now onto the looks. Who are our five celebrity-designers (along with the two favourite looks from each of them)?

1.  Marissa Nasution

With her line, Dollhouse, Marissa shows the flirtatious aura, confident and also glamorous.  All the cutting complements a woman’s figure.  And these two are my favourites.  The left one, I love the lace, the dress is polite and sexy at the same time.  Love it.  And the right one, it just gives a masculline and flirty elegant look.

2.  Asmirandah & Cinta

Manja by Asmiradah and Cinta brought two sides of the 20s, masculine and feminine with long pants as well as cocktail dress.  I know that not everybody can pull off the left look, but I can’t help myself to include this one, I love the color combo, and I love the top, and I wish, I really really wish I can rock that type of pant!  Goodbye to skinny pants for a moment? :D  And the right one, lovely simple purple dress, very suitable to be worn as evening gown.

3. Iwet Ramadhan

Who doesn’t know TikShirt by Iwet Ramadhan?  His spirit to promote Batik is very contagious!  And now with a touch of 20s, Iwet brought “Putri Keraton” on catwalk. With Sogan Batik (Brown Batik from Yogyakarta and Solo), Iwet introduces Batik in a very fun way.  Who says Batik is only old people?  Look at my two favourites. With Batik, you can look so playful and fabulously glamour in it.  So ladies, are you ready to rock Batik?

4. Dimas Beck & Faisal Shah

With Rouge, Dimas and young designer, Faisal Shah also take a part on 3G catwalk.  “Be seen or go home!  A little bit over the top, but not too much.  Just the right amount of glam.” – that is the stylish philosophy of Rouge.  Inspired by Classic 20s Red Carpet, Dimas and Faisal bring vintage-yet-trendy collection.  I can imagine someone in the whole outfit from the left photo on the red carpet, with that kind of bling, red carpet is your friend.  Love how they match the top with a plain black legging.  I personally, really love the pants on the right photo, I’ve been loving any kind of pattern pants.  Indulge me :)

5.  Luna Maya

LM For Hardware for the closing.  Purfect.  Luna gets out from her comfort zone in my opinion, as she usually designs street-wear and casual outfits.  But for this show, she brings Art Nouveau as her theme, mixing black, white and gold, bringing the glamorously edgy effect.   Is it just me or you also think these two are super gorgeous? Enough said.  I love these two to the bone.  Perfect for any formal events, or even I can see any women wear it to cocktail party.


Of course this article won’t be complete without the celebrity-designers pictures.  You want to see what they wear, right? :)  Okay, here is the “bonus” photos …

Marissa Nasution



Iwet Ramadhan

Dimas Beck

Luna Maya