Trend Alert: Studded Flats

Flat shoes, without a doubt, are truly an iconic staple of our wardrobe. Why wouldn’t they be? They’re perfect for almost every occasion as they work with all kinds of outfit. Plus, you really can’t beat the comfort.

Although, we have to admit, they can be boring at times. But fear not! Because if you’ve noticed, a new breed of flats has been trending, and it’s a great twist our beloved classic footwear: studded flats.

Studded flats have become a very popular trend for a while now. I swear, everywhere I go, I would spot some stylish chick rocking them with all kinds of ensembles—mini dresses, skinny jeans and chic shirts, shorts and tanks. The studs are the perfect way to add a punch to the usually plainness of ballet flats and so when worn, they make a simple outfit stands out more. Studded flats really are an effortless way to embellish your wardrobe.

Here are some of my top choices:



Jeffrey Campbell

Deena & Ozzy


Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin

And have I got my own pair of studded flats? You bet I have!

Studded flats from Topshop