Introducing Our Newest Baby; Clozette Daily!


I can’t believe we are finally officially announced this news! Trust me, it wasn’t easy to keep this a secret for the last month :). But now it’s here, still in beta version but it’s open for everyone.

So what is Clozette Daily? It’s basically a platform that we all have been waiting for ☺. There’s nothing quite like it in Indonesia digital scene :). Clozette Daily is brought to you by a powerful collaboration between Female Daily Network and

If you’re a member of our forum, I’m sure you are familiar with the Today’s Outfit, Face of The Day and Recent Purchase threads. Those are some of our most popular threads that have been there since 2007!

5 years!

In fashion, if a particular style of bag is still around after 5 years, it will be considered a classic. And we like to think it that way to when it comes to female behavior in the online world. Picture sharing it’s not just a trend but it has become a habit of our everyday life :). It’s such a confidence booster to receive compliments on the outfit we’re wearing or the red lipstick we’re sporting. It’s also heart warming to find out that someone else is inspired by you to wear certain style or buy certain items.

Unfortunately, the forum is quite limiting for picture-sharing activity. Therefore, we see the need to facilitate a kick ass platform that makes uploading and browsing pictures easier, faster and of course more fun. We even take it up a notch by giving more features that we couldn’t possibly provide in the forum. In Clozette Daily,  you can create a specific folder/collection for your favorite things such as..’Little Black Dress’ collection. Or how about a folder filled with your ‘NARS blushes’ collection and then have all the ladies drool all over them? You can even create your own wishlist for better shopping management. You can share everything you have uploaded all over other social networks, you can like and give comments to the looks uploaded by other members and so much more. You just have to see it to believe it.

It’s Friday and I’m sure you’re looking awfully awesome. So why don’t you take a picture of your outfit or makeup look and upload it to Clozette Daily? Register is easy breezy and if you’re already a member you can just sign in with your existing Female Daily Accounts.

By the way, everyone is invited to attend Clozette Daily Launch Party at Luna Negra – October 18. Click on the following thread to register:


See you there :)