How To: Wear Detachable Collar for Hijabers

You’ll easily find it anywhere this year. Detachable collar has been such a vocal point in runway, fashion magazine, and finally appear on those accessories drawer of retail fashion brands. Invest in one and you’ll have a piece that can easily transform your look and will do wonders for many tops or items you already have in your wardrobe.

As an ‘it’ accessories for this season (and maybe onward), most of them are just as versatile as a necklace, and everyone – by everyone here, I mean those who wear and don’t wear hijab – would easily attach it on their top, dress, or even bare skin. There’s no hassle, and  mostly you wont find it wrong, as this piece is an element of surprise.

But for hijabers, this is not the case. Well, most of the time, we wear scarf or veil and let some of it draped up front so the ‘collar area’ wont be seen. And of course, collar accessories is something that’s meant to be seen. So, inevitably there must be some adjustment to certain hijab styles. And these tips below may help you to get started.

1. Bring the scarf to the back

Okay, this must be the first thing that came up on our mind. Yes, and this is the most obvious way to nail the detachablle collar. Style the scarf to lay behind your neck and let the neck area become the center of attention. BUT, do mind your outfit, especially the tops. Loose and thick in texture, or even layered are highly recommended.

2. Pay attention to the shoulder

Yes, apparently to choose which detachable collar style that suits you, not only you need to think about whether our neck is stumpy or slender enough, but the shape of your shoulders will matter too. For hefty shoulders, better pick on a longer detachable collar style in order to bring a leaner illusion.


3. Basic top is a must

Basic top for muslim fashion is definitely a must because of its versatility. You can use it as stand alone top and also for layering. It should be crew neck – circular neckline that fits snugly around the base of the neck, and also loose and thick in texture. So with this basic top, it will be easier for us to style the collar part and the scarf as well. Note that basic top is not quite the same with undershirt.

4. Texture matching

Make sure the collar blends well, and has the same feel as your top.  A sequinned collar wouldn’t be the perfect match for casual cotton top. But sometimes you will find ones that go well over many fabrics, suit any occasions and outfits.


5. Tubular shawl as an alternative

If you feel that having some veil upfront is a must, try tubular shawl. Wearing tubular shawl will still put the detachable collar in sight, while still covering the chest area.

So, wanna have a try?


(Collars and shawls are from Detail Attitude and Square collection)