Applying False Eyelashes

I was the most hopeless person when it comes to applying false eyelashes – that is, until one day I grew tired of running to the nearest salon to have them apply the falsies on me every time I have a special occasion to attend (and of course paying for the extra cost of having somebody doing it for me).

I went to an online makeup store, Makeup Tool Shop, owned by our own FD member here, to get my own set of my false eyelashes. I also watched a lot of tutorials on YouTube on the different ways people put falsies. Just type “how to apply false eyelashes”. Here is one video tutorial that got me started in the first place.

And yeah, I was worried that I was just going to waste my money on something I’m destined not to do. My hands are uncoordinated. I have bad eyesight, even when I’m wearing contacts, I still get glare. I was just convinced this was a lost cause. Until I actually try doing it.

* images sources: mystylebell, shuuemura-usa, amazon

The tools:

  • False eyelashes strip (I choose the “natural-looking” type. I’m not a fan of super-curled, stiffer lashes, but that’s my personal choice)
  • Eyelash glue
  • Tweezer (optional, to hold the falsies after you apply the glue)
  • Scissor (preferably small, with pointed tip. But any clean scissor should do)
  • Felt-tip liquid eyeliner or any eyeliner of your choice

It is a bit difficult to describe the step-by-step of application in details in words. I suggest you look into several of the video tutorials, but I’ll try my best here. How I do it:

  1. Lightly curl your natural eyelashes with an eyelash curler
  2. Apply eyeliners on the upper lid to make the lid line more visible
  3. Trim the tips on both ends of the false eyelashes line to suit the length of your eyelid
  4. Wiggle the false lashes line to make it less stiff so it is easier to stick following your eyelid shape
  5. Apply the glue to the lashes line. Apply extra glue on both ends. They are usually the parts that detach the first.
  6. Let it dry for a few seconds.
  7. Showtime: hold the falsies either with a tweezer or your fingers, cautious not to touch the glue. You do not want glue on your fingers. It’s better put the falsies down first, then wipe or wash and dry your fingers if they get smeared.
  8. Carefully, bring the false lashes near your eye. Try your best not to blink for every millimeter the falsies are approaching your eye.
  9. The way I do it: I stick the inner end (near the tear ducts) first and then slowly, with gentle pressure, follow your natural lash line, until you reach the outer end.
  10. If needed, you may add more eyeliner to hide the glue or any gap between the false eyelashes and your natural lashes. Just make sure the lashes have stuck securely and the glue has dried out before you add more eye makeup.
  11. Also another “if needed” tip, light-handedly, apply a thin coat of mascara to your natural lashes. This is to make the natural and false lashes more unified.
  12. What if it fails? You carefully peel it off, and you try again. Tough love, baby! Most false eyelashes are reusable as long as they still retain the shape and until the glue residue is too thick to be re-applied

Here’s the disclaimer: it is easier said than done. And there is absolutely no other way than to actually try it out yourself.

My first numerous attempts took me about 10 to 15 minutes worth of application time. Each eye. Now that is a long makeup time for just doing one thing. Now, it takes me between 30 seconds to two minutes apiece, not including the preparation time of cutting ends, applying glue, etc. So don’t despair if you don’t get it right or get it stuck in seconds-count, or even if you fail altogether. Most of us went through that too.

I have also tried several different ways too: before and after applying eyeshadow, glue on the lash line, on naked eye (meaning no makeup, no base, no eye cream, no nothing), with and without tweezers, with and without eyeliner, on the outer lid first, on the center line first, every variation of ways I could think of. What worked for me personally is the one I explain above. And really, there is no one correct way of doing it, as long as you do it safely, and the eyelashes actually stick at the right place. You may end up doing it in a whole different way than I do, and that’s dandy. But in order to figure out which method works for you, I will sound like a broken record here, you’ll have to do it yourself.

To end, if one of your makeup to-do’s is to be able to put false eyelashes on your own, this is an excellent time to check that box. Try it when you’re not in a rush, so you have all the time in the world to experiment on things. Because if this girl can do it, anyone can do it.