Trend Alert: Elastic Headband for Hijab

Over the last couple of weeks, I couldn’t help but notice how this accessories becoming so popular among hijabers. Of course, headband is not something new. With many designs and shapes, as well as material from stiff to stretchable one. The elastic headband is, of course, the much preferred style for hijabers, because it’s easier to use with hijab. Elastic headband worn with hijab can be worn comfortably and help it to stay in place and conform with the shape of our covered head.

top: Dorothy Perkins. bottom: Newlook, Zara, Miss Selfridge


Can’t imagine how to wear it over the hijab? We’ll share more about this style.

Hijab bands are usually worn over the hijab before wrapping it in your desired style. Sometimes, it’s a little bit tricky on how to fix them right over the hijab, so many would fall into some child-like look consequently.

Beside adding chic and glamour touch to your hijab, headbands also offer quick and relatively easy way to get a whole different look of your hijab style. And to some extent, they help to keep the hijab secure and in place.


Clockwise: Missmarina, Missmarina, Buckle,


The most common designs seen nowadays are, of course, one with floral ornaments on it and simple braid style. There’s also the headband with dangling feather as seen on Jenahara‘s collection, which many sought after.



How to wear it on your hijab? There’re so many tutorial out there on wearing hijab band in many styles. These dashing styles from Casa Elana may inspire you.




What do you think? Will we be seeing you with elastic headband around your hijab anytime soon?