Deden Siswanto + Ina’s Scarf = Indigenously beautiful

When I wrote about most anticipated moments during IIFF 2012, one of them was a fashion show by Deden Siswanto for Ina’s Scarf, and this is it! We have known Deden Siswanto as talented designer, with many of his designs exploring Indonesian traditional heritage.

The creators, Deden Iswanto and Irna Mutiara -Ina’s Scarf designer-, finally on one stage.


While Ina’s Scarf is known for its, well, scarf products, using the craftsmanship of  local products of weaving, knitting, batik and handprint, all of them have Indonesian basic distinctive traditional style. Most of Ina’s Scarf collection are batik and other traditional patterns from tenun Lombok, Toraja, and songketPalembang.

In this collaboration, Deden Siswanto transforms Ina’s Scarf distinctive design into 16 outfits, creating new trends of modern-ethnic fashion. Deden Siswanto doesn’t only use the same material as Ina’s Scarf scarves, but he actually use the rectangle shaped scarves as the raw materials for his design. What is even more surprising is that he doesn’t cut these scarves at all, he uses techniques such as binding, squeezing, layering so one piece of clothes can consist of 2-3 scarves.


According to Deden, in creating those outfits he is inspired by the urban style, who have distinguished means to present themselves. The design idea comes from tea-gatherer and worker’s outfit, indigenously loose style. He hopes that muslim fashion will come in it’s stylish way, without being too much.

Ina’s Scarf’s characteristic of colorful colors is also well displayed here. Love how they mix those colorful scarves with balancing tone like platinum grey and tans. Which one is your favorite?