Backstage Story: IIFF 2012 Fashion Show

You heard many backstage stories from fashion shows and runways, stark contrast between those glimmering catwalk and the makeshift area behind it. And most recently, Affi shared us her backstage story from Mercedes Benz Miami Fashion Week Swim 2013.

Likewise, the emergence of muslim fashion leads to more and more fashion shows of muslim outfits. This however poses another question, since muslim fashion requires head to toe cover up, are they becoming more complicated than ever before?

At recent Indonesia Islamic Fashion Festival (IIFF) 2012, there were 8 fashion shows showcasing more than 48 designers. And all of them were showing  muslim fashion, so the models were necessarily fully covered with hijab. This was my first backstage experience. Of course, as a media person. (I don’t think I can stand a minute working as a fitter :D).

It’s always chaotic at the runway backstage. You will never imagine the chaos, the heat and noise surrounding it. For muslim fashion shows, they usually give more attention on how to do the hijab, in virtually no time. When a model is done with an outfit, she has to hurriedly change to the next outfit, and then the fitters (designer’s assistants) should rapidly do the hijab. When you consider doing your hijab in a couple of minutes as a very quick one, one minute is a luxury for them! They have to finish a hijab in seconds, and well, considering doing that in the middle of those impatient shouts from the runway director, in such a limited space, it’s nerve-wrecking!

The designer herself has to do the hijab in matter of seconds

Packed and crowded at the backstage

Making sure the detail fits perfectly on model, seconds before performing


I see the backstage was like huge treasure box hiding many things you don’t see upfront at the catwalk. I reasonably wished to capture how exactly they made the hijabs, but in fact, it was just nearly impossible since they literally made them just in seconds. But there were so many interesting details inside, and surely not to be missed.


Hair Bun (cepol)

Cepol plays an essential role in hijab making, particularly in fashion shows. Beside the aesthetic value for giving volume to hijab, they also help as a grip, so shawl can stay in place, and also drape beautifully. They came in different sizes, and various shapes. Some designers make their own cepol to fulfill the need for certain looks.


Dian Pelangi




Pin Cushions

Some fitters wrap this cushion around their wrist, save their time from plucking scattered pins.




When it comes to hijab/headcscarf accessories, expect to see more, because there really are no boundaries. This grace caps from Irna Mutiara, can you imagine where should it be put? They didn’t put it like headband (wrap closely around the head) nor tiara (on top of your head). Instead, you only tuck a pin behind your head, and it lays gracefully so some part would cover half your forehead.


Grace Cap Irna Mutiara

Jeny Tjahyawati

Dian Pelangi

Tuti Adib



Up2date brought their brand new shiny shawls

Satin shawl from Ria Miranda

Irna Mutiara still with the iconic glitter knitted shawl


So what do you think? Isn’t it interesting to see what goes on beyond the glamorous catwalk? Well, keep checking Fashionese Daily because there will be more backstage stories to tell. We’ll see you on the next fashion show :)