Muslimah Designer Store is Coming to Town


You already got the picture on WHAT is MEIN boutique’ from the picture above. A new concept boutique, located in Jl. Kemang Raya. And I bet you won’t miss it if you’re passing Kemang Raya, as the sign board is too catchy to be missed :D

Lets elaborate each point of MEIN image above.

Seven avant garde current Indonesia Muslim Designers. You are probably familiar with them, especially most of them have also engaged in other concept store as MUSE 101, or Moshaict. They are Mimi Alysa (SimplyMii), Restu Anggraini (Mainland Heritage), Indira Putri (Indij), Nalia Rifia & Nabila Hatifa (Nabilia), Fitri Aulia, Treimee (Nadya & Afra), and DeeAndra. This collaboration is somewhat proper (if ‘perfect’ is too much) blend of fashion style. No need to worry there will be too much ‘flower’ or romantic ambience here, since each designer has noticeably different style. An extravagant and distinguished look from Indij, Parissien chic ala Treimee, structured and bold colors from Fitri Aulia,  and and you always find sweet and simple style from SimplyMii and Nabilia.

Unique Collections and Fresh from the catwalk. When they say, customers can expect more from MEIN, and find collections that are ‘beyond’ usual. As I walk through the store, and my first impression was, if you want to find something a bit more ‘exclusive’, yes, you got it. I can sense the designers are putting their extra effort here –let say, compare to their other stockists.  You can find their latest product here, and for some of the designers who have a first or exclusive line, you can also get them here first hand. Wondering their price range?  Worry not, because they commit to stay within affordable price range.

Syar’i Principle. Of course, these young Muslim designers are always challenged to present new ideas, new designs within syariah framework. Yet we will be blown with amazement, since their design are so young, fresh and sophisticated.

A cool and vintage store.  Well from what I see, I’d rather say it looks clean and modernly designed store. I like the big MEIN sign at cashier desk, along with the 7 images of the designers. Definitely a comfort place to browse along and shop, and did I mention it was beside Anomali Café Kemang? So don’t be startled if you smell something ‘burning’ inside the store :D

Active community. From their website, they call this place a special sanctuary – where you can also contribute to its community through MEIN Friends. Some social activities, fashion clinic, design consultation, community development and charities. It’s on soft opening now, so you can contact them for an invitation to see the store.

Since we’re facing Idul Fitri or Lebaran in a little while, you may contact them and stop by the store, because now they have a special Idul Fitri collections!