185. Inside Asthreeyorke’s Bag

The Bag: Fossil vintage reissue. This bag is roomy and matches all Asthree’s daily outfit. She’s a big Fossil fan :) Asthree currently reside in Brisbane and she’s a student, so no wonder she has a very roomy bag.

The Content:

  • Notebook – of course. as a student it’s important to record all what lecturer taught in class :p
  • Mimco wallet
  • iPhone 4 – with a very cute skin stickers
  • Blackberry Javelin
  • 2012 diary
  • Fossil sunglasses
  • AKG earphone
  • iPhone case
  • Fossil pouch – for the cables, USB, chargers
  • Twilight pen case
  • Calculator
  • Water bottle
  • Red Cross mint candy