My New Bath & Body Products Galore

The good thing about bath and body product is that you will always run out of them every other month so you get to buy new products *yay!*. And I’m not really someone who will use the same product over and over again, because then I’d be left with nothing to write for you girls :)

And as it happens, there are a lot of launches from bath and body product brands in the past couple of months with new variations waiting for me to try.

1. Lux Magical Spell Fine Fragrance Elixir Body Wash

A new lineup in Lux body wash range, this one is created with a well crafted fragrance. They put a serious thought into it by working with renowned fragrance house Givaudan. The scent is a combination of juniper oil as its first note, combined with the romantic and sensual floral heart of black orchid, jasmine and violet. It is composed by Ann Gottlieb, whose reputation as a perfumer is unquestionable.

This is something that you want to use if you want a soft lingering scent on your body without having to put on a perfume. Too bad I just finished off my bottle so it’s not in the picture. I’ll take a mental note on buying another bottle when I go for grocery next time. The bottle mimics the mysterious and alluring scent of the product. Oh, and have you caught their TVC with the new brand ambassador Mia Maestro who looks so enchanting and mysterious?

2. Sephora Body Wash in Chocolate Toffee

If you haven’t already noticed, I love bath and body products with chocolate and nutty scents. That’s why I’m so giddy when I found this product at Sephora. I only use this when I’m in for a treat after a long and tiring day at work. It smells so sweet, but not sickening, and it lingers on my skin even afterward. And chocolate is said to make your skin softer.  Well, at the least, my skin feels velvety everytime I use this product.

3. Dove Indulgent Nourishment Body Lotion with Shea Butter

Thank you Dove for finally bringing in your body lotion range! I’m truly in love with this product because, again, it has a nutty scent of shea butter that is borderlining to a sweet chocolate scent. It’s a true indulgent indeed when I use this, especially when I just had a shower with Sephora Body Wash in Chocolate Toffee. They are match made in heaven! I find the texture to be surprisingly light (not runny) and soaks into the skin real fast. It really gives my skin all day hydration.

4. Vaseline Aloe Fresh SPF 24

I like the feel of this line from Vaseline because anything with Aloe Vera feels very soothing on the skin, especially when you use it while you’re out in the sun or afterwards. But now that they have this one with broad-spectrum sun protection, so I don’t have to double up on sunscreen and worry about the UV radiation. Kudos to Vaseline for being to thoughtful on providing two different options for their line.

5. The Body Shop DeoDry Dry-Effect Deodorant

I came across this product by chance and found that this suits me very well. It feels dry upon application, but it doesn’t irritate my skin or leave any residue on my armpits, plus it has nice subtle floral scent. I only use this when I don’t have any outdoor activities planned.

6. Dove Whitening Silk Dry Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

Now, this one, I use it when I’m planning to be out for quite some time. Like when I’m planning to catch the TransJakarta instead of taking a cab. Because with this, my armpits really stay dry throughout the day. You just have to make sure that you spray it far enough from your armpit so you don’t leave any white powdery residue there.

7. Clarins Bust Beauty Extra-Lift Gel

You take many moisturizer for your skin, but have you given any thought about product for bust care? It’s also one product that is hard to find here in Jakarta. Not every brand carries bust cream here, I guess people don’t really invest in it. You don’t want a perfectly taut skin on your face but a sagging and wrinkly one on your neck and décolleté area, right? This one from Clarins is actually in gel form so it’s really nice upon application and it doesn’t feel to watery for your bust area. I did not see any significance bust lifting after using it, but I’m happy that it’s able to keep my skin supple.


What about you, tried any new bath and body products recently?