Finally, A Solution to My Hair Loss Problem

You’ve read it here, that 70% (7 out of 10) of women in Indonesia experience hair loss problem. According to test done (UK, 2008), 80% of the hair loss problem is not due to hair breakage but stems from the root.  What is concerning, most (if not all) products that are available in the market are catered for hair loss problem caused by hair breakage.

So where does that leave us? We’re probably part of the 7 out of 10 women out there with hair loss problem but with no real solution available *sigh*. Thus, it’s in my mission to search for the right solution for my hair loss problem. Oh, believe me, about every other month in my life, I’m a one of that 7-in-1o women in Indonesia experiencing hair loss problem.

Let’s not talk about some dermatologist concoction that will cost us our arms and legs. I’m actually in search for off-the-counter product that I will feel happy about when I pay them on the cash register. Is there such thing?

Apparently, as I spend my blissful workdays at the oh-so-beautiful Padma Resort in Bandung for Dove Secret Strength Camp, I’ve not only discovered a stronger me, but also that I could get a stronger hair from a stronger root. I discovered that Dove has finally come up with a solution through Dove Hair Fall Treatment for my hair loss problem that is caused by root, and, it’s super affordable!

What is Dove Hair Fall Treatment?

Through 5 years of research involving 30 scientists, Dove has finally come up with solution for the 80% of women out there with hair loss problem that is caused deep from the roots.

Before I begin on explaining on how Dove Hair Fall Treatment really works on our root, let me tell you first about the three stages of hair growth, so you can better understand how the product works.

The three stages of hair growth are:

  1. Anagen (growing) stage: Where our hair follicle grows from the scalp and it lasts for about 3 to 7 years.
  2. Catagen (transitional) stage: Where our hair stops growing any longer and preparing themselves to resting phase. This cycle lasts up to 5-6 weeks in which the hair follicles on the deeper part of the hair starts to collapse.
  3. Telogen (resting or shedding) stage: Where our hair starts to shed because it has completed its stage and new hair will begin to grown and it usually lasts for 3 to 4 months.

At the Telogen stage, there’s  an enzyme called Protease which will ‘unglue’ our hair from its roots. And Dove Hair Fall Treatment had invented a Technology called Trichazole where it combines Trichogen and Climbazole resulting in a synergistic effect on inhibiting Protease activity and helps strengthen hair from root. Among others, Trichogen consists of ginseng and soy protein.

Not only Trichazole strengthen our hair from root but also give nutrition on the area where hair fall often happens. At a clinical studies done by Dove, it has been proven that after 2 weeks using Dove Hair Fall Treatment System, there’s a significant decrease on respondent’s hair loss problem and their hair became much stronger.

How Does Dove Hair Fall Treatment Works?

Basically, the steps are as your usual hair care Shampoo and Conditioner but with an additional scalp treatment, that you can use on daily basis. I would recommend to use it daily for the first 2 weeks to get the maximum benefit, and after that, if you don’t usually wash your hair everyday, you can always go back to your routine.

What’s on the product lineup?

Dove Hair Fall Treatment Shampoo, Conditioner, Intensive Root Treatment and Daily Treatment Conditioner

  1. Shampoo (Daily): To cleanse your scalp and hair. It has that Dove signature powdery scent that I’m so fond of.
  2. Conditioner (Daily): Used after shampooing your hair only at your hair shaft for daily nutrition for stronger hair.
  3. Daily Treatment Conditioner (Daily): With dual action formula – you will see that there are two different colours dispersed from the tube – containing conditioner and treatment mask at the same time, helps hair to appear stronger, doesn’t easily fall and it also make it smoother.
  4. Intensive Root Treatment (Daily): I must say, that this is the belle of the ball! Never have I seen a very effective scalp treatment at such affordable price. Usually, this kind of product only available at luxury hair care product range. This product needs to be applied directly to cleanse scalp (that means you need to use it after you cleanse your hair and better after you use conditioner as well) and it will penetrate deep from your scalp to the root and help to reduce hair loss (at around 2 weeks time according to a clinical studies done by Dove). It comes on a mini bottle that is enough for single use and it also have a pointy applicator that will make application to the scalp very easy. This product also contains the star ingredient Trichazole with ginseng and soy protein that is clinically proven to help strengthen the hair from root.

So, how can I not be happy about this? A solution that actually works for my hair loss problem but also doesn’t make me cry upon paying them :)

Now that you know the solution to your hair loss problem, what are you waiting for?