FD Hijab Gathering: Instant Hijab Party!

It had been our wishlist to have another gathering related to hijab – in any form-, either hijab class, workshop, playdate or just gathering. And when FD headquarter moved to Jalan Kemang Raya No. 2, we have this large space that can be used as community center. And finally, with Sariayu as the main sponsor, we held the FD Hijab Gathering and Beauty Class on Saturday morning, 23rd June. FD HQ was full and decorated with Sariayu and Square Kerudung booths, dessert table, and it was one fully-equipped class.

The gathering was divided into two sessions.

The first session was a beauty class done by Sariayu where they pointed out on the importance of having a facial routine done regularly. How regular? Once a week or a the lease once a month. And you don’t have to go to a salon or clinic, you can do it at home, too! We were shown how to do a step by step facial routine that you can easily do it at home. The participants of FD Hijab Gathering got to practice alongside with the instructor from Sariayu. Every move and pressure on each step was on purpose, when you do these steps thoroughly, the result will be effective. So here’s the thing about facial. How well you do the movements when you cleanse, massage and scrub, are just as important as the product itself. So, you can actually get the same benefit by doing it by yourself.

Next is makeup. Though FD members are well-known makeup enthusiasts, we can always learn something new. And on that session we were lucky enough to have the chance to play with fully packed Sariayu palette, filled with their newest color trends, Etnika Nusa Tenggara.

A well-dressed face, is a perfect painting to be framed by pretty hijab! (Hey, I just realize these were sequential ;) ). As we promised, lots of instant hijabs were available for us to try! All this time, we tend to think that instant hijab is always casual. And it is true that most of them are intended for casual look. Made from a comfortable cotton (usually stretchy) material, the fabric itself does look humble. But the fact was, we have 3 types of instant hijabs from many brands, for casual, semi-casual/formal and glam. Thank God, those hijabs are ‘instant’, so Darina and I didn’t have to juggle on step by step how to do certain style –this is our first time being in front of quite large of group creating hijab look! :D

In short, we totally ‘ripped’ them off. Everyone had the chance to try on the instant hijabs, so we can see which fits our face perfectly. Darina explained these kinds of hijab will significantly save you a lot of time, and certainly will be handy while travelling. No more hassle on picking which inner matches this shawl, or so. And for special occasion like wedding reception, this type of ‘instant party’ from Square will definitely be my choice, since I can get such glam artist-made hijab look in three easy steps.

And that’s a wrap! Everyone was leaving FD HQ with at least 2 bags on their hand! Our sponsors were really generous with goodybags and doorprizes! Thank you so much Sariayu and Square! We hope to see you all again in next gathering :)

The participants of FD Hijab Gathering enjoying the session with Sariayu

Darina showing the participants on how to wear Ponytail Hijab

Plenty of prizes and goody bag from Sariayu and Square

Some of the participants trying out the various instant hijab

No gathering is complete without a group photo :)