Meet Dina Tokio’s Lazydoll

I didn’t realize Dina Tokio is vastly famous among Indonesians (well, at least in Jakarta, that’s for sure) hijabers until last Sunday, until I came to the Sisterhood by Dian Pelangi event. For those wondering about her, Dina Tokio is a muslim fashion blogger and an aspiring designer from London, UK. Her followers adore this 22 year old half-English half-Egyptian diva for her daring-with-an-edge style. She defines her style as spontaneous, a lil bit crazy and off the limit. She’s also known for her visibly bigger-than-ordinary hair bump (once I got the question from a forum member on where could she get the ‘Dina-Tokio hair clamp’ :D)

When she was asked how she felt to be here in Jakarta, she replied that she didn’t expect such great and enthusiastic welcome from the lovely sisters here. In her hometown, London, she is just an ordinary girl, who happens to be a blogger. Nobody recognizes her in the street, let alone asks her to take a picture together. But here, she has got many followers who recognize her through her signature style right away.

Since she’s very passionate about fashion, it’s no surprise that she then created her own label, Lazydoll. What a quirky name! As catchy as it sounds, Lazydoll offers an artistic definition of covered fashion, loud and sophisticated! Dina’s designs are fresh and firing as she uses traditional techniques to create modern looks. Her designs have chic and contemporary twists in sublime colors and luxurious fabrics. During the main event of Sisterhood by Dian Pelangi, Dina exclusively brought her collection from London for preview, which was truly a privilege.

This oversized pocket dress is the signature look of her collection.


‘Messy’ yet artsy-paint on shirt, long skirt, and blazer dominate the collections. The collection has distinct structures, something that we don’t find here often, especially in Indonesian muslim brands. Curious? Below are some of her collection. Really love those print!

What do you think about Dina Tokio’s Lazydoll collection?