Quench My Thirsty Oily Skin, Biotherm Aquasource!

I don’t have good relationship with my facial skin. I simply don’t understand it. With time, it seems that my skin is becoming more oily and I suffer from adult acne more often than not. As the result, I become more cautious on what I put on, since I don’t want to ignite the acne breakout.

This especially true for moisturizing products. I’m afraid of any thick, creamy concoction that will end up blocking my pores. So I committed a sin of skin care by omitting proper moisturizer. In my head, I believe that my slick, oily skin doesn’t need to be slather with more oily products. So I just use random “moisturizing” day cream with SPF under make up, together with Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion after washing my face. However, after a while, I noticed dryness on some spots – near my lips and on the nose – then I started to panic.

Biotherm Aquasource

source: biotherm.com

This means, I really need a good moisturizer! Enter Biotherm Aquasource for normal/combination skin, which describes itself as “24 Hours deep hydration replenishing gel with thermal plankton cellular water”. Whoa, that’s a mouthful! I was skeptical at first, because my previous experience with Biotherm was so-so (I used another line of skincare from Biotherm long time ago, maybe 4-5 years back).

Biotherm gel

The first thing that warms me up to Biotherm Aquasource is that it is a gel product, not a cream. I always find anything creamy tends to be too heavy for my skin. Then, I’m loving its fresh, leafy smell which comes from its marine botanical ingredients, and how light it feels when I spread it on my skin. It is also paraben and mineral oil-free, which makes it suitable for sensitive skin.

After using Biotherm Aquasource for a week, I noticed that my dry spots have healed. Now my skin feels more hydrated, no dry patches anywhere, and it doesn’t  clog my pores. I’m loving this product, and my thirsty-oily skin is happy.

Biotherm Aquasource gel for normal/combination skin is available at Biotherm counters for IDR 450,000 for 50 ml pot. It is part of Aquasource skin care line which also available for other skin types.  Recently, I stopped by its Debenham Senayan City counter and seriously eyeing their new Pure-fect line for oily skin. Could it be….. is it the beginning of my love story with Biotherm? :)