Must Read Beauty Tricks from Kai Vinson of Bobbi Brown

I was lucky enough that Governor election day coincided with Kai Vinson’s recent visit to Jakarta. The day off gave me the chance to learn new makeup tips and tricks from a well-known international makeup artist! Kai Vinson is also Bobbi Brown’s Director for Artistry Asia Pacific and his current visit to Jakarta isn’t his first one.

Here are some of the tricks and tricks that I learned from Kai Vinson’s beauty workshop with Bobbi Brown.

1. How to use Concealer

For concealing your black under eye, conceal it up until your inner corner of the eyes. Don’t cover your eyelid in concealer, even if you have dark upper lid, because it will only make your eyeshadow crease. He also suggested to set your concealer with the Pale Yellow Pressed Powder that comes with Bobby Brown Creamy Concealer Kit. According to Kai, our eyes area have active muscles which will move around the placement of cream product. Therefore, it is crucial to actually set it, to make sure that it stays in place. Tap the powder under your eyes area with a fluffy small round brush, Kai suggested blender brush, and then roll it from the outer corner of the eyes into the inner corner. Remember, roll the brush, not tap it or swirl it. Place it flat on your under eye area and once again, roll it.

2. How to choose Blush

According to Kai, when you choose your blush, decide first whether you’re a pink or a coral girl. And then find the tone that you’ll love. If you want to look natural, find a shade like when your cheek blush when you just pinch it or when you’re just out in the sun. Whereas when you want to have a bit of a pop, and to look much fresher and younger, choose something that is more pigmented.

3. Covering acne scars and breakout

Use Bobbi Brown Face Touch Up Stick, because you will need a dryer concealer with matte and full coverage that will stay in place and actually gives coverage to the spots. On top of that, with this kind of concealer, you can actually put it on your makeup case for touch up when you’re out and about.

4. Drawing eyeliner for uneven eyelid

Draw a smudge eyeliner rather than crisp one. Because it’s hard to make a balance eyeliner, between the right and left lids, when you’re drawing crisp eyeliner. With smudge one, you can always go back, correct and smudge it to make the two balance. Start by drawing the difficult side first than continue with the easy one. Don’t close the eye and draw the liner in small strokes. Put your chin up and look down to the mirror to draw the eyeliner.

5. Which mascara to use for a more voluminous look?

Kai said that instead of using primer, he suggested to use two different types of mascara and layer them. Usually, mascara primers are white in colour, thus when you apply your mascara, your mascara will appear greyish. Kai suggested to use two coats of Bobbi Brown No Smudge Mascara because this mascara will hold your curl like no other. Leave it to dry for about 30 seconds and then curl it with your eyelash curler. Afterward, apply Bobbi Brown Extreme Mascara for more volume on your lashes.

How to apply cream blush: Applying cream blush is best with your fingers, as they warms up the cream, resulting in ease of application. Use your middle finger because it gives most pressure. Dab the cream blush to your cheeks starting from the apple of your cheeks. Don’t rub because it will only transfer back the blush to your finger and not your cheek.

6. Choosing the right eyeshadow for medium to deep tone skin

Kai suggested to stay away from greyish-hued eyeshadow as it will look dull and ashy on this skin tone. For instance, for brown eyeshadow, choose something that has a brown red hue rather than brown greyish hue. Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow in Mahogany or Espresso would be the perfect choice. For party or night time look, choose plumy colour such as Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash Eyeshadow in Eggplant. A red flagged should be raised against any eyeshadow that are on the grey tone or bluish grey, because it will look too ashy.

7. Which Bobbi Brown product to use for contouring

Bobbi Brown Bronzer that is matte in finish and not shimmery is the best one to use for contouring. Choose something that is closer to your skin tone to make it looks natural. Apply it below your cheek bones and remember to blend it well.

8. Tools to apply foundation

According to Kai different tools serve different purposesL

  • Fingers: best to apply sheer to light application and they naturally warm up the foundation.
  • Brush: Gives medium to full coverage but less product is needed, and I personally say that it gives a more flawless finish.
  • Sponge: Has a more full coverage finish but it needs a lot more product than any other tools. It gives back the product soaked into the sponge to your face much slower, but it is slowly depositing the product back as you pat it to the face. It’s also recommended to be used by acne-prone skin, as you can always throw the sponge for every single use.

If you would like to know more about Kai Vinson, you can also read Leija’s interview with him from his previous visit to Jakarta.