Look to Try This Weekend: Well-Lined Eyes & Bold Red Lips

If it’s not the weekend, when else will you try a bold lips look? Challenge yourself once in a while and get out of your comfort zone in terms of lipstick, like your fellow FD-ers did :)

Here’s what I suggest you to do this weekend:

  • If you have a lipstick that you haven’t worn because it’s not your usual colour, bring them out! It’s time that they see the light of day.
  • Haven’t got one yet? Take yourself to the makeup counter and dare yourself to try a colour that you always love but never have the heart to wear it yet.
  • Moisturize your lips well, so you will not blame the bad result on the lipstick colour :)
  • If you haven’t had the guts to actually put a bold finish of pigmented colours on your lips, try to apply the lipstick using your finger by pressing the product onto your lips so it will look like lip stain, with an almost translucent finish.
  • Lastly, smile and be confident with yourself. After all, it’s a day off where you can dress however you like.

My favourite bold lips look at this moment is this Jean Paul Gaultier Couture Fall 2012 look. Makeup artist Stéphane Marais inspiration is the the Twenties, Thirties and “Metropolis”. The bold red lips and glossy one make the whole look striking. And a perfectly well-rimmed eyes with matte and translucent lid is just perfect!

Doesn’t this look lovely?

What about you? What look will you be sporting this weekend?