Let’s Go to ShopFair at Epicentrum Walk, July 13-14

You know what I can’t wait for this week? The ShopFair event. It’s an offline event of the online and ecommerce world. All of us here are part of the ecosystem, right? We’re either the shoppers, fashion lovers or the sellers. And many of us are actually willing to go to the other side of the ecosystem, moving from being the consumer to the producer. So where else can you learn all about it other than at ShopFair event?

There are many things you can see, do, learn, shop at ShopFair, such as:

  1. Conference. On day 1, you can learn about ‘The Secret of Successful Online Store’ with speakers lineup experienced in the business and reap success from the industry.
  2. Talkshow. On day 2, there will be talkshows about managing a community, entrepreneurship and other interesting topics. I’m also going to be there as one of the speakers, along with Diana Rikasari and many others. So I’ll see you there, yes?
  3. Bazaar. Of course! Now you can shop offline at the booth of Zalora, Ciciero Bag, ShopAshop, Lazada, Normi, Fimela Shop, Bhinneka and many more.
  4. Entertainment. From fashion show from Indonesian famous designers to live music to cooking demo. You’ll find something that strikes your fancy.


Hanzky on Female Contribution and ShopFair


See you there, ladies :)