A Day as a Princess from Downy Innocence

How does it feel to be a princess for a day? Well, you can ask Valencia, the winner of Downy Be a Princess, where she got to be pampered for a day, just like a princess.

Downy Innocence Be a Princess is a photo contest that was held on Downy’s Facebook page from mid May to mid June. What were the prizes? A shopping spree worth IDR 3,000,000 and a makeover from Alfons team Grand Indonesia! Well, Valencia wasn’t shopping alone, because she had me accompanying her shopping that day, giving her my opinions on what to spend that money on.

I got to say that Valencia is very lucky since it’s currently the sale season. But, it is, of course, a hard task for me, because you can easily get distracted with so many good things to choose from.

Valencia is a 14 year old girl who’s about to start high school this year. And the theme for her makeover was of course ‘Be a Princess’. So, what I did was not staying too far from the sweet and innocent baby pink, just like the colour of Downy Innocence. And it suited her girly and feminine feature well.

We started the day with a mission to find her a princess-like outfit. We did it in less than 2 hours :) Afterwards, with the shopping bags in tow, we went to Alfons for her makeover.

2 hours and 3 bags later :)

Valencia and her hair stylist from Alfons who was going to give her a fresher look

Getting all pampered up, from manicure, hair makeover to a makeup do

Curious of the result of the makeover? Here it is :)

From day …

To night…

What do you think of her new look? Doesn’t she look as gorgeous as a princess? With the side-swept hair, her delicate features open up, and the fringe makes her look fresh, doesn’t it?