Today’s Outfit: Head to Toe From Mango Sale

I heard that in fashion world, it’s a crime to wear outfit from the same brand from head to toe. Last week, I couldn’t help but committing such crime. The weekend before, I made a big mistake by going inside a Mango store crowded with ladies snatching up the sale items. I spotted the patent wedge shoes as soon as I stepped inside the store, and immediately asked for my size. I mean, they are black, they are polished and they are wedges. Such combination that I don’t have yet :D and I know I’ll be wearing them a lot. My feet and Mango shoes go along really well. In fact, I wore them for two days straight and they didn’t give me blisters at all.

Blazer, Dress, Shoes from Mango | Necklace from Chic mart | Modalu London Bag

I picked up a few other items as I walked around the stores and try them in the fitting room. There I realized that the blazer and the dress easily match each other, they even create a safari look that I always love. The light linen blazer is so versatile too, I think it will go with just about any outfit I have. I can also wear the dress on its own. When I was in the cash register (Yay for Mega Visa for additional 10% discount), I noticed that the the dress, the blazer and the shoes effortlessly create an outfit. The shoes give the look a polished finish. So I decided to wear them all together a few days after that :D That day, I went to Google Analytics seminar in Hotel Mulia, followed by going to Dewa 19 reunion concert until 1 AM. Listening Ari Lasso and Once sang my favorite songs from Dewa, live, made me a one happy girl :D