Live Young Forever with Evian

Have you seen Evian’s Let’s Baby Dance video? If you haven’t, you should watch the Let’s Baby Dance video, like, right now! It’s so entertaining, it never fails to put a smile on my face every time I watch it.

Why Let’s Baby Dance, you ask? Evian wants to adopt the pureness, energetic, expressiveness and freedom in each human soul, just like when they were a baby. Associating the image of Evian – known for its pure mineral water sourced from the French alps – with these kind of images is really smart – because, who doesn’t want to live young forever :)

Lain Farrell, Evian South East Asia zone director said “When Evian talks about Living Young, we’re talking about a state of mind and an attitude toward the way you live, so that you feel good, energetic, happy and more importantly, healthy.”

I was invited to their Live Young party last month where they explained more about The Evian Live Young campaign in South East Asia. Basically, Evian wants to inspire us to look into the pureness of our earliest years where we live carefree, are full of happiness and anticipation of the future and  looking at everything positively. I guess, with much happening with our lives, responsibilities and all, we couldn’t express what we feel or want as carefree as we once were.

I wish I knew how it feels to be that carefree again. But as it happens, Evian introduced the guests of the party with their ‘Live Young’ multimedia experience where augmented reality is used to take the guest back to the memory lane of when they’re a baby and got the chance to relive that moment again. And Jakarta is the first in Asia to try the Evian Let’s Baby Dance augmented reality experience

Sounds like an exciting party isn’t it? Oh, and I just love the Let’s Baby Dance t-shirt, it’s so cute!