Is Cream Bath Really Proven to Have a Relaxing Effect?

I know many of you would love to go to your hair salon for a cream bath to get that quick relaxing treatment, because not only you’ll get to pamper your hair with extra care but the therapist will also do a relaxing massage over your head and shoulder. What’s not to love about it? Especially here in Indonesia, cream bath is so affordable that you can go have this treatment every other week or even every week and it will not make a serious dent in your wallet.

Going back to the relaxing effect that always associated with cream bath, do you know for sure that it’s already a proven hypothesis or not? For me personally, I always opt to go somewhere where I know for sure that have a therapist with a good massaging skill. Because if they really don’t know how to massage your head correctly, it will only make you feel dizzy afterward.

But you don’t have to place your doubt anymore. Because with the new service from Matrix called “Creambath Ultra” with “Sensoria Care Ultra Rich Cream Bath” and “Trio Massage” you’ll definitely know for sure that you will have that good product, with the right massage and also value for money.

What is Sensoria Care Ultra Rich Cream Bath?

It’s the go-to treatment for dry, damaged and hair needing special care. Dry and damaged hair  can be caused by variety of reasons – from lack of nutrients, chemical service done to the hair, spending your time in air-conditioned room for the whole day, or even from shampooing your hair every single day. This will help to give the right nutrition to your scalp and hair.

It contains apricot oil (gives back the shine on your hair), grapefruit extract (powerful anti-oxidant), wheat protein (hydrates and strengthens your hair) and cationic smoothing agents (smooth your hair strands and giving it extra strength).

This cream also contains a unique formulation of fruity floral fragrances that have the three notes structure.

What is Trio Massage?

As I mentioned above, a massaging technique could not be separated from a cream bath service. Therefore, Matrix has created a “Trio Massage” technique whereby they educated the therapist at hair salon that also deliver the “Creambath Ultra” service.

“Trio Massage” uses three massaging points at your hair, scalp and neck. This technique will help to relax your hair and scalp and also release tension on your scalp and neck.

It is based on the study of acupuncture and acupressure whereby they believe that we have Chi circulating in our body through channels called meridians, where they connect internal organs with external organs or tissues. By stimulating points in acupoints, we can arrange the flow of chi. These accupoints definition and characterization have been standardized by the WHO, so you don’t have to worry about whether they’ve put pressure in the correct point or not.

The three pressure points that were chosen were:

  1. Ba Hui pressure point: to reduce anxiety, relieve tension and prevent hair loss. It is done by pressing the upper end of your head using middle finger or index finger for 20-30 seconds.
  2. Tai Yang pressure point: relieves headaches and eye fatigue by suppressing both sides of the head with the thumb for 20-30 seconds.
  3. Feng Chi pressure point: alleviates stiff and sore neck as well as insomnia. Done by pressing the neck using a hand where the thumb is on the right side of the neck and the other four fingers are on the left side of the neck for 20-30 minutes. It’s also done on the reverse side of the neck. When one hand is used to massage the neck, the other hand will held the head and pull back the hair with both hands to the center of the head and pressing the head down.

My Verdict: I’ve felt that I’ve been put down by an anesthetic as soon as they reached the second pressure point, Tai Yang. My eyes, so heavy from the lack of sleep the night before, felt so relaxed. Do you know feeling fatigued from lack of sleep does not always translate into falling asleep easily? Well, it didn’t happen to me after having the treatment. I fell asleep almost immediately in the evening!

My hair also feels light and fluffy because of the treatment. I have dry hair in general, so if it maintains to keep my hair frizz free than it must work.

Where and how much?

You practically can get this service in any hair salon that uses Matrix product.

I did mine at Haircode Epicentrum and it cost Rp 52,500 (cream bath only), Rp 87,500 (cream bath and soft blow) and Rp 117,500 (cream bath and hair blow). The length of the service is 1 hour 45 minutes. One of these days, you should take one of those long lunches and try this :)