Sariayu Refreshing Aromatic Mawar for My Sensitive Skin

I’ve written about rose being one of the ingredients that is suggested for skin that is sensitive. Its ability to strengthen skin cells and regenerate skin tissue are what make rose so perfect. I was searching high and low for products with rose ingredient in it for sensitive skin and when I passed by Syita’s desk – which is always filled with Sariayu products since she’s handling Sariayu account, I just found out that they have rose skincare range! Imagine my excitement :D

I haven’t used everything from the range but the ones I have tried proved to be really satisfactory. The whole line is perfect for normal to dry skin. It contains both rose extract and refreshing peppermint oil that feel really cooling on the skin.


Refreshing Aromatic Mawar Facial Scrub (Rp 19,000)

This easily becomes one of my favorite products because not only that it is good but it is widely available and affordable. The facial scrub doesn’t come in a creamy with granules sort of form, but instead, the texture of the product is quite similar with facial foam, with a combination of watery liquid and soft granules, except, that this one doesn’t bubble up. You have to shake the tube well before using it, because the water and cream product could separate, like shown in the picture below.

The facial scrub should look something like this instead:

The product itself feels soft and easy to slough through the face because it is watery. The grit is enough to lift away dead skin cells. My skin feels plump and it doesn’t seem dry at all.


Sariayu Relaxing Aromatic Mawar Facial Mask (Rp 20,000)

I love the practicality of this product that comes in a flip-top tube.

It’s like thick paste texture in pink colour. It’s very milky on the tube but once applied it turns into very rigid, dry, clay-mask like texture. I apply evenly all over my face and wait for 10-15 minutes for it to dry.

Both the texture and the feel after it dries out really remind me of Masker Bengkoang. I used to love that mask, but it’s so impractical, and I couldn’t really recall the specific benefit that I reaped from applying it, except from the excitement of mixing the paste and applying it to the face :)

Once it dries out, the mask will immediately crack if I move my face. It kind of freaks me out at first, since I thought this is going to result in super dry skin. I was wrong. Once I wash off the whole mask, I find my skin as supple as when I am finished with the facial scrub and it feels moisturizing too.

This mask also contains jasmine oil that has a relaxing effect and allantoin to help with skin cells regeneration.

Sariayu Refreshing Aromatic Penyegar Mawar (Rp 8,500)

The favorite among the three products. Though it contains alcohol which I am not really fond of, it still feels refreshing and non-drying and doesn’t irritate my skin at all. It has quite a strong whiff of rose scent, so if you don’t like rose scented products you will definitely not like this. I like the refreshing feeling of this product when I apply it to my skin. That’s why I transfer some of the product to an atomizer bottle which I slip into my makeup pouch. I will spray it on my face whenever I feel like I need something to freshen up with mid-day.

How about you, have you tried this line for yourself?

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