Live with Less: What To Do During Traveling?

In case you’re wondering, yes I do still try my best to live with less. So have I been hiding under a rock and forgo shopping altogether? Of course not, who are you kidding? :D. Like I said, living with less doesn’t mean that we don’t buy new things. But we buy less things that we used to, and for every time we buy new things, there are usually old things that we get rid of. In my case, I have been buying four pairs of shoes in total for this year, but I have gotten rid of 10 pairs. The new ones are more calculatedly purchased. Definitely not an impulse buy, and was based on building a working shoe collection.

Anyway, I had three overseas trips for this year and I’m trying to apply the same thing when I travel. When we’re in a different country, it’s so easy to go crazy and buy every cute things we see because we don’t think we will have the same opportunity again. So here’s what I’ve tried so far to have more control over my spending habit during traveling period.

Looks like someone has been shopping around in Duomo :D (old picture)

  • Make sure we look good and only bring our awesome outfit and accessories. Trust me they will not dissapoint so we won’t have story where our shoes broke down and then we have to buy new ones. And when we look good, we are not easily tempted to buy new things because our standard will be different. We won’t easily think that the dangling earrings we saw will elevate our look instantly because, hey, we’re already wearing statement earrings anyway! In addition to saving money, we will also look good in every picture.
  • Bring beauty produtcs. My old habit was not to bring shampoo, soap, toothpaste and other toiletries as well as basic skincare because I saw it as a way to try new products. Thank God I’m not like that now. I always bring everything I need. It’s even better if the products I bring are close to being finished so I don’t have to bring them back home and have more space in my luggage. If that’s the case, then yes, of course I can buy new products :).
  • Bring spare of shoes, especially if we will be walking around a lot. No matter how comfortable they are, our feet will feel ‘fresher’ if we get to change shoes. Plus we won’t get bored with the same style and then tempted to buy a new one.
  • Bring the essentials. Mine is nude camisole. And if you are going to be wearing dress that shows your every curve tightly, and you always wear shaper underneath, don’t forget to don’t forget to bring it along. I hate it when I have to buy essential that I already have and don’t need extra.
  • Plan and allow yourself to shop. After all, it’s a chance for us to explore new style, new brands and new products. But do plan ahead. My policy is not to visit stores that have presence in Jakarta. So if I go to Singapore, I will skip Zara and Mango but will surely visit Uniqlo and H&M. I might visit Charles & Keith too because it’s from Singapore and brands are usually cheaper in their home country.
  • When we buy clothes, make sure we try and they fit us perfectly. We buy clothes because we want to look good and feel good, right? Not to feel bummed because we have wasted yet another money. True that there is always Female Daily MarketPlaza, but how many times do we actually execute the plan of selling the stuff at Market Plaza? We always forget to take the pictures of the stuff, and when we want to upload it, the Internet connection is not helping at all.
  • If the suitcase is already packed, bring foldable duffle bag so we don’t have to buy new luggage.
  • Calculate, calculate, calculate. Other currency may look ‘small’ in number but it’s worth a lot after we convert it to Rupiah.
  • Use the same towel in the hotel. Jangan mentang-mentang di hotel dan ngerasa kita udah bayar jadi seenaknya aja ganti handuk setiap hari. Please, we don’t even change towel everyday when we’re at home, right? I know this doesn’t have to do with money but that’s the spirit of live with less, we consume less things from the earth too. Washing our still-clean towel will waste so much water, and so much electricity and energy. It shudders me to think of how careless we can be sometimes.

That’s all my tricks so far. Please do share if you have yours!