Today’s Outfit; Talkshow on How to Become A Smart Shopper

Last February, I was invited to speak in a mall called… Tang City! If you have never heard of it, no problem. It’s a new mall located quite far from the city center, in Tangerang, somewhere on the way to the Airport. But I am not one to say no to an opportunity to share. I’ve been to Solo to speak in Universitas Sebelas Maret, so this is not far compare to that one. Plus, the event organizer is actually one of my good friends. It’s not like I have option to say no :D

Anyway, it was fun. I shared tips that I’ve shared many times in here. But let me list them down again:

  1. Know how much you can spend every month, how much you have more left at each visit to the mall (or to the online shop)
  2. Quality over quantity. Always
  3. Never forget to calculate cost per wear
  4. Aim to build classic collection first, then add more fashionable items
  5. Make sure the clothes fit perfectly
  6. Rule of thumb: the item you buy has to go together with at least three items in your wardrobe
  7. Be an equal-opportunity shopper. Try every brands, stores, different type of shopping experience (garage sale, mall, bazaar, factory outlet, etc)
  8. Before you splurge or buy skincare items, read the review first. Where else but in Female Daily Network :)

H&M Tweed jacket | GAP long sleeve top | Seven for All Mankind Jeans | Louis Vuitton Neverful Azur MM | Shoes from Linea


So now that it’s entering sale season. Happy shopping everyone :)