What Ingredients You Need to Look for Sensitive Skin?

Affi has talked about how she fights the hideous sensitive skin problem with oatmeal cleanser and the benefits of it. But in general, there are actually several other ingredients that are deemed useful for people experiencing sensitive skin.

There could be a number of reasons why you could be experiencing a sensitive skin. From acne, redness to dry and dehydrated skin. The specific reason why your skin becomes sensitive calls for different treatment. For instance, treatment for sensitive skin caused by acne may be different for sensitivity caused by environmental factors.

I, too, like Affi, is currently experiencing a rather sensitive skin. Where she’s experiencing redness and nasty scaling on the skin, mine is more because of the very dry state of my skin, causing it to be dull, itchy. When it feels too dry, some products that normally would work on me would become an irritant, though a mild one.

Cause my skin is dry, naturally I search for a very moisturizing creams. But I always search those that include one of the ingredients that I’m going to talk about below. I’m sure that they’re also available in creams that are targeted for normal and combination skin, thus not too rich in texture. Anyway, moisturizer is not the only thing that equate to your whole skincare routine, right? There are still cleanser, toners, serums, etc.

In general, many of the ingredients that are suggested for sensitive skin are anti-inflammatory agent, because it soothes the skin.

Here are the ingredients that are said react best for sensitive skin.

1. Chamomile

The calming and soothing effect of chamomile tea has been loudly advertised, but it’s equally calming for the skin as well. It’s one of the most recognized anti-inflammatory ingredients used in skincare. It has natural healing properties that will help to rejuvenate the skin. The antiseptic properties make it perfect for those with acne problem. And I know how it can depuff your undereye bags, so it’s not surprising that chamomile is perfect to reduce swelling on other part of your face as well.

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2. Lavender

Though some people still consider this as irritant, but I find that skincare containing this ingredient doesn’t irritate my skin at all. In general, lavender helps to relax nervous muscle, relieve pain and act as disinfectant. It also helps to enhance blood circulation. Thus, when used as skincare ingredients, it is able to relax the muscle in your face, acting as antiseptic and antibacterial, soothing skin and treating cracked skins and enhancing the blood circulation on the face, making it more plump. This is also perfect to help with sunburns, knowing the weather of Jakarta, that must account for something, right? Oh, I also love the calming scent.

3. Aloe Vera

It’s pretty well known that the gel-like texture of aloe vera is very soothing, even when used directly from the source. It helps to treat redness and inflammation. That’s why you see a lot of after sun gel products containing aloe vera. It’s also very hydrating and easily absorbed to the skin.

4. Caffeine

I take caffeine any day, in the form of coffee, so if it works for my skin as well, heck, I’ll take that as well. I remember when I used coffee for scrub on my stretchmarks it works wonder in making the really dry and cracked area softer and more supple. And apparently, many skincare products nowadays use caffeine because the anti-inflammatory properties, therefore can be used for sensitive skin treatment. There’s even a study showing that caffeine, applied topically, helps to reduce damaged cells while leaving the healthy ones intact.

5. Rose

It’s known as a powerful antioxidants and able to strengthen skin cells and regenerate skin tissue. It helps a lot when your skin is scaling and drying and you need to regenerate healthy looking skin. Rose natural oil is also believed to lock in moisture in the skin. People with very dry skin find this very helpful to keep their skin hydrated all day long. This is another ingredient, other than lavender, that I find to have a very soothing scent. I’ll talk more about this ingredient in my next product review that is using rose as one of its major ingredient.

To close this post, I would like to say that sensitive skin can be attributed by many thing. It takes lots of trials to know what’s comfortable for you. At the end of the day, people have different comfort zone, that is including in skincare and its ingredients. The ingredients I mentioned above have been cited many times to be beneficial for sensitive skin, and I personally found them to be working just fine for my very dry skin that is often times resulting in it becoming sensitive. It comes back to you, what are you comfortable with?