Graceful Irna La Perle Boutique

Talking about muslim bridal, what usually comes across our mind would be Irna Mutiara with her label, Irna La Perle. It is the dream of many muslimah who wear hijab, to have her piece of wedding gown on their special day. Well, including me. Unfortunately, this brand hadn’t existed when I married 9 years ago :).

Where to find Irna’s collections? For you in Jakarta, you can visit Irna La Perle boutique in Kemang Square, Jalan Kemang Raya 5. I used to visit the shop just to look up their latest collection, or have a hijab consultation with the store assistant. It’s a cozy and very personal ambience inside, far from a rigid store. Just some mannequins, two main wardrobe arrays, and a cabinet of accessories. The center of attention, a spacious ‘changing room’ with exquisite curtain and large mirror. This space was designed to be very elegant, with a round shaped platform, where bride to be will be made over like a princess.

They intended to keep this boutique exclusive, yet welcoming. That’s why they prefer not to place the sign board at front. And it was a pretty quiet and peace neighborhood,  but it won’t be difficult to find it.

What you will find/what you’ll be able to buy here? There are two types of collection in Irna La Perle boutique. Ready stock collection and custom made. For wedding gown, you have to place an order. For party gowns, there are some pieces available for purchase, in limited size, or you can make an order as well. Glamorous veils, hijab accessories are also up for grab. Most of them are handmade products and made in a very limited pieces.

Nikki glitter is one of their best selling pieces, it’s a must-have veil for party occasion. It is a cotton woven veil with a shred of glitter thread. You can always tell the difference from other glitter veil. Nikki glitter price is IDR 200,000-250,000, and other accessories ranging from IDR 200,000.

Since Irna La Perle is also known for the custom-made wedding gown service, I’m pretty sure you have many questions surrounding the service.

How do I order a wedding gown? Well, most of the customer already have something in mind on how the wedding dress would be. Irna La Perle has such widespread exposures, so one would be easy to browse around on the dress style. You can find those in their facebook, or website. Otherwise, you can simply have a visit and check their style-lists on site. Of course, the assistant will be more than happy to help in deciding which best.

How long will it take to make a wedding gown? Ideally, they will need 12 weeks to finish a gown, starting from the day the customer place their order. So, make sure you have enough time before the D day. Of course they can do some adjustments. If the dress is quite simple, 8 weeks is considerably acceptable timeline.

How much will it cost for a piece dress? A wedding dress would normally cost more than IDR 10 million. It does depend on the level of complication, but this standard price would be somewhere along that line. So you must budget 10 to 15 million for a dress. This price exclude veil and head accessories. While as party dresses, starting from IDR 2 million and up.

Is it possible to rent the dress? Unfortunately, at the moment, they don’t have that kind of service anymore. But you can always call them to see how they can be any of help for your special day.

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